Monday, 8 December 2008

Raw Chocolates

Making vegan chocolate
Pouring vegan chocolate into moulds

My friend Lorraine came over yesterday and taught me how to make sugar-free vegan chocolates.

cacao powder
cacao butter
agave syrup to taste
Melt cacao butter in a bain marie. 
Then mix in about the same amount of cacao powder.
Add your flavouring.
Pour into moulds.
We made different flavour chocolates with rose syrup, vanilla essence, cointreau but, the most successful and unusual of all of them was the chocolate we made with the spice ras el hanout. The after-taste of the lavender in the spice mix was extraordinary.


  1. Hang on, you're revealing our secret - STOP!!!

    AND It's cacao butter and powder, cocoa isn't raw.


  2. AND melt butter then mix in other ingredients, don't mix then melt!

    Sorry, I'm as picky as your teenager!


  3. Ok have corrected the post.
    Yes our secret but this way, we've published it so nobody else can pretend that they thought of it you's our copyright now?

  4. Ah, you are so wiley. X

  5. Good idea! Where can you get cacao butter though? :)


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