Wednesday, 10 December 2008


The kid that attempted suicide has gone back to school. My daughter said that nobody has any sympathy with him.
"Nobody gets it" she complains "none of them have E.Q."
When she talks to other kids about his unhappiness (and their possible role in it) they say things like
"Well, he's irritating isn't he?"
Or  "if he wasn't such a twat..."
A friend's son told me that this kid doesn't know how to handle himself with girls.
"He's immature." says this 14 year old boy "If he wants to chat to a girl he will go up and tell her a dirty joke. Of course the girls don't want to know."
"Many men never grow out of that" I remark. "How to handle yourself with the opposite sex is a life-long problem. Don't be so harsh on him."
 As for the kid himself, his main concern is that people do not think he is an Emo. 

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