Monday, 8 December 2008

March against Climate change, London

Tapestry style banner.

'Gay' Chevara.

Rhythms of Resistance London and Manchester played this march, with Breach of the Peace, Oxford and Barking Bateria. London's busiest shopping street, Oxford Street was closed to traffic for the day. We sounded a bit of a shambles...
After party at the Synergy Centre in Camberwell. We played again and sounded much tighter. A nice hippy social centre...


  1. I have enormous respect for campaigners who are raising awareness of the damage we do to the planet we live on. I'm totally opposed to building new airport terminals and crushing forests under new motorways. However I think it's ironic, with all the poisonous chemicals, unperishable plastic rubbish and radioactive waste etc that we pour into the world around us, the environmental movement is focused on the one and only harmless thing we emit: carbon dioxide. Climate change is NOT caused by human activities; it's caused by changes in the the sun and oceans. There are far more worrying concerns that are a result of our activities: deforestation, killing fish and animals and building nuclear waste vaults under mountains. Let's put a stop to them!

  2. Thanks Ben for your comment.
    Personally I'm sick of the way that Climate Change is a guilt trip laid on the individual. There is an almost holier than thou's turned into an issue of moral superiority.
    If the government really wanted to change things, they would tackle corporations not tax individuals to the point that there is a back lash against the whole environmental issue.


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