Wednesday, 3 December 2008

One year anniversary

It's been one year today since I started this blog. 


  1. Congratulations. Keep up the excellent writing style!!

  2. sung to the tune of "Hollywood'
    hooray for marmite lover !
    we love, we love, our marmite lover
    she has the high and lowdown
    from up to downtown
    every where that she goes ...
    hooray for marmite lover !
    the blogger of high renown
    from Camden town now
    but who knows where next she goes...

  3. Hi ML. Congratulations of the first birthday of you blog. I really enjoy hearing of your experiences and your observations on life. I felt a great achievement when HPANWO turned one.

  4. Well done Ms ML on celebrating the first anniversary of your consistently fascinating, always very well-written and candid blog...
    Long may you run



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