Sunday, 21 December 2008


Tonight my daughter has a friend over for a sleepover. She hasn't seen this friend for a year as she now lives abroad. The girl was supposed to arrive at 7. By 8.30 pm she still hadn't arrived. I remarked that it was very late. Then my teenager shrugs:
"Well I told her not come".
At 9 pm the girl arrived. 
They pulled out the sofabed in the living room where our only tv is located. A little later I went in with food for them. The friend had her head buried in the pillow.
"Are you asleep ?" I asked, surprised.
Eventually she lifts her head. Her eyes are sad. She listlessly takes the plate of food.
Half an hour later, my teenager comes into my bedroom and gets into bed with me.
"I don't care" she pouts.
"What's going on?" I ask. "What's happened to your friend?"
"I don't give a shit anyway" she replies.
"What is going on ? "I insist.
"Well I didn't want her to come."
"You can't just leave her alone" I say, "she looked really sad when I gave her dinner."
"She's depressed because I told her not to come and she came anyway."
"Ok, but now she's here, you have to be a good hostess" I state firmly."You are being nice to her aren't you?"
"Oh yeah, and I'm a really nice person" sneers my daughter
My teenager climbs out of bed, and says:
"Great! I'll just fuck off then"
and storms out of the room, back into the living room.


  1. I bet in the morning she'll say something like "Why did you try to stop her from coming here, mum!? Why did you make me sleep in your bed instead of with her!?"

    Exopoliotics is the study of what intelligences from another planet might think. But it's a picnic compared to penetrating a teenager's mind! Of course not long ago I used to be a teenager myself, we all did. But can you remember any of it? It's a bloody blur to me!

  2. I also remember the horrible feeling you have when you have gone to someone's house to stay the night, you are basically stuck, and they are being horrible to you.

  3. It's the betrayal set: you accept someone as a friend and give them trust then they betray you. Although this is something I also experienced AFTER my teenage years even more than during them. Hope your teenager's aquaintance feels OK about tonight.

  4. Well, I wish you both you and your daughter a very happy holiday season, regardless of unwanted guests, teenage tantrums and whatever else the universe so kindly sends your (our) way. You and I are getting together in 2009, yes? Oh yes we are, for sure. Until then: enjoy xxx

  5. Happy solstice to you too Ben.
    Thanks Ms Animal Disco, I hope to meet you very soon.
    Corbin: yes they are aren't they?


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