Friday, 12 December 2008


Many of the staff at Pogo do not have English as a first language. Sweet little sign to help them write up the menu on the board. Sometimes I like misspelling though... I loved the variations the word 'porridge' had on menus in India. Also seen in India: 'craps' for crepes, 'child beer' for 'chilled beer'. 


  1. Wow, I too can't spell for nutts!

  2. Haha, Child Beer!!

    Love the spelling sign, especially the little blackboard with the Anarchy symbol - "anarchist lesson time"! It's so funny the way it is covered in little hearts and pretty colours to try to pretend it's not saying "aargh, why can't you just spell things properly?!!". Haha.

    Oops, burnt my lentils... vegan shepherds pie on the go.


  3. Ah, mash... a tricky one indeed.

  4. Apparently they had a tendency to replace the 'm' with an 'h'.


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