Sunday, 4 January 2009

Bloomsbury Set

The door girls in polka dots.

Beatles movies in the cinema.


Table dancing 50's style.

You have to wear bowling shoes.

Shoe exchange, they spray your bowling shoes with disinfectant after you've worn them.

Vintage night 'Shake, rattle and roll' at Bloomsbury bowling in London. Girls in circle skirts, boys in hats, waistcoats and moustaches. Jivin' rockin' girl D.J's, pool, diner and movies. I made a fool of myself by trying to bowl properly and ending up sliding down the lane like something out of a cartoon. Couldn't get my fingers out of the bowl. 


  1. Haha, can't believe you fell down the lane! Did alarms go off and stuff??

    I went bowling on Saturday, as the roller disco queue was absurdly long and didn't move, no wait, I've already mentioned this in another comment. Point is, my friend, who I shall refer to by her bowling name for the night ('Manc') did the comedy move of the night - twice. Flinging the bowl into the adjacent lane. It's a classic.

  2. Hilarious. What a small little world. I am one of the djs at SRB. If you want to come down again I'll happily put you on the guest list!

  3. Oh really ? Well, you rock!
    Thank you, will deffo take you up on that



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