Saturday, 10 January 2009


Yesterday there were mutterings about my bossiness when in the kitchen. When I'm the chef. I tend to feel that when I'm cooking, it's my domain and everybody else can just fuck off. Sometimes I just don't have the sang-froid to be cool and polite when say, another member of staff chooses peak rush hour to come in and ask for food. I may well respond irritably. They complained that I
"act as if I'm in charge".

So sue me. 
Oh well. I wasn't put on this planet to be liked. 
Yesterday I cooked a bunch of stuff. But I do find English vegetables incredibly uninspiring. I did something interesting with tempeh which I slightly nicked off another blogger but cannot remember who. I marinated the tempeh in lemon zest and juice. Then made it into risotto by stir-frying the tempeh, rice, ginger and garlic in sesame and olive oil. Then added water. I topped it with roast fennel.
The dish was a success but tempeh is basically pretty disgusting. It tastes like bum hole. (Not that I've ever tasted bum hole. Coughs.)


  1. I want to wash your "dishes"

  2. You keep on concocting in the kitchen, I'll keep on reading.

    Excellent post, don't take this as an offence- kitchen nazi.

  3. Thank you gentlemen. What was it Jerry Hall said? Be a maid in the living room, a whore in the bedroom and a domme in the kitchen. Something like that...

  4. I'm also pretty bossy in the kitchen. Nobody interfere with my art! ;)

  5. Don't listen to them! You have to be a control freak, out of town motherfucker in the kitchen. It's the only way to cook. People's Republics don't work, just Mugabeism. I want to wash your dishes too.

  6. I love it when men work underneath me.

  7. He He He, totally agree with your comments about when in the kitchen they can all fuck off !!!

    My Mother-in-law met this fate when she turned up the spuds which were being par boiled for roasting & transformed them into mash potato whilst I was making Christmas dinner in 1995.

    After that the family all started to get the message.

  8. Hey,
    Welcome to my blog Rog.
    Glad you approve!


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