Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Celebrity twitter

Those of you who have been following my twitter feed, you will already know how fortunate I have been in that British national treasure, ex-Monty Python member, comedian John Cleese recommended that everybody 'follow' me.
This has led to me spending less time writing and blogging and more time adding new followers, reading their profiles and building relationships with them. It's been fun!
It is also a discipline in itself to use the 140 character format: you either whip off pithy little comments or do a series, each one ending in a cliff hanger.
The national newspapers have belatedly picked up on this story but have misquoted John Cleese. The Daily Mail used it as an opportunity to be bitchy about the supposedly 'boring' lives of the famous, leaving off half the quote and complaining about John Cleese's love of marmite and mustard. 
The Guardian today made the same mistake. These papers do employ subs do they not?
The Mumbai massacre was first reported on twitter, by those trapped by terrorists. It's a useful tool although I do take the point that it can be disconcerting when serious matters such as war and terrorism are written about in teenage text speak, due to the limitations of the twitter format.


  1. damn that daily mail
    best plug yet

  2. Wow, very cool how you got your comment up there directing people to the blog. Funny how of all his quotes they picked the one about yoooouuu! Yes to Marmite!!

    But who's this German Mstard he's on about?


  3. John Cleese! Ms Marmite, I salute you!

  4. John Cleese loves marmite! You're not the only one, ML!

  5. Hello there MsML,

    While I am delighted that MsML is being embraced by Twitter so enthusiastically, elevated to the Twitterati no less, I hope that she doesn't neglect ML and its many and varied lovers ... and I have to agree, as you can confirm, there is nothing that AHIH finds more dispiriting than sloppy subbing
    x x


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