Monday, 19 January 2009

Cutting edge

It's my birthday this week. So I bought myself a present. I've never had a decent knife.
If you've never been married, you never get to have a 'wedding list' which enables you to properly equip your kitchen. Hence my collection of charity shop bargains, French brocante finds, stuff my mum got rid of, things found in bins...
Good knives are very expensive. At John Lewis a Global vegetable knife is 70 odd quid. I don't really like the ultra modern design of Global knives (particularly the handles) but they are supposedly one of the best brands.
I decided to go for the 'Global' Santoku knife which cost £53.
"A blade of many talents, Santoku literally means "three good things", referring to its masterful handling of slicing, dicing and mincing."
Must hand wash it and dry it. NOT allowed to put it in the dishwasher.
I have magnetic wall strips to store my knives. This saves counter space and knife blocks are unhygenic.


  1. HB2U, many happy returns.

    I never got any knives when I married, but did treat myself to a longish Sabatier (hopelessly overshadowed by the likes of your Globes and Henks these days) when I got divorced.

  2. Thanks.
    Didn't do anything, just made fresh pizza and scarfed a bottle of wine.
    BTW the opening night of my 'underground restaurant' is February 7th if you want to come.
    Or you can wait till the kinks have been ironed out!

  3. 07/02 is fine, can I turn up solo and with cameras on tow?

  4. I recently treated myself to new knives from John Lewis too, sick of my cheapo blunt ones and encouraged by a super effective male passing through my life who pointed out how ineffective they were. I thought it bad feng shui to have rubbish knives, so I got a 3 set for about £37 - so not as posh as yours. Sheffield steel and all that though. I just keep mine in the drawer, is that why they go blunt??

    I can't believe you're opening your restaurant whilst I'm away in Denmark! How could you not consult your gf? Damn, I will definitely come to 2nd night though - let me know!

    See you tonight XX

  5. Happy Birthday :)

    Underground restaurant?! Wot is that??

  6. Hi there, I found you through LondonEater. It's a gorgeous knife. Sadly true, if you don't get married you miss out on lots of good schwag. Good for you for treating yourself!

  7. Hi there Heidi, welcome to my blog.
    My daughter just spent the night at a house where the woman has a whole stack of Global knives and doesn't even cook!


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