Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Underground Restaurant

As mentioned on my post about 'Home restaurants' or supperclubs as they are known in the States, I am finally starting my own paladare 'The Underground Restaurant'. 
Opening night 7th February. Location: Kilburn. Price: £10 menu fixe. Drinks can be bought or bring your own. Food: vegetarian, cooked on an Aga. 
Service: teenage goth. 
Email me at to book a place/table.
Further nights/themes to be announced.

There does seem to be a buzz about this...article in the Guardian.


  1. I have bookmarked your page. Will check on dates and might drop in!

  2. Cool, look forward to your visit from Switzerland!

  3. Can I join in the fun too?

    I'm in Queen's park, so im just around the corner!

  4. great stuff! like the sound of that. can you bring your own meat (only joking). good work and love the blog

  5. cheeky bugger.
    If you came Lennie, I'd probably have you in the kitchen with me!

  6. This sounds awesome. I've wanted to organise one of these for years. Have you heard of Ghetto Gourmet?

    Or seen this article in the NYTimes

    Very keen.

  7. Hi Browners,
    Welcome to my blog.
    Like the title of that piece ...anti-restaurants...very punk.

  8. Many thanks for having me over here! Glad you liked the article. I've just checked the date and I can't make it to the 7th... might you host other Paladare evenings?

  9. Browners...I will be doing it every Sat night!
    Next date: Valentines

    Will soon be featured in the Guardian.

  10. wow. hadn't heard of this before. hope you enjoy running your own restaurant! would like to do it as well, but have no living or dining room. don't know if people would be happy eating on the staircase? ;)

  11. Hey Angela,
    Hope to see you soon. First night was last night and it went just great.
    You could be a guest chef chez moi?
    Ms ML

  12. Fantastic! Can I come to the next one? Pretty please?

  13. What a great idea! Will have to come and visit one Sat eve...Heard about you via Bellaphon's review.

  14. Anon and Helen,
    Yes email me at and I'll give you details.

    And thanks for your comments

  15. Haha, yes I can do that if you'd like me to! ;)


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