Thursday, 19 February 2009

My recipe book


  1. Oh, how beautiful! You could publish a version, though no published book could ever be so beautiful as this orginal personal thing. I love it. Perhaps I will start one.


  2. Lovely handwriting- and not because of the fountain pen I add.

  3. Hey now there's a funny thing. My Dad taught me to cook ( he was a bonkers Aussie brought up in the outback of Queensland) and he used to deride recipe books. He always said "learn what things taste like and learn from your mistakes. Most of all though learn what things taste like" Dunno if it would work as a proper chef, but works OK for the meals I cook.

    When he cooked he'd constantly be tasting it & adjusting it. I'm pretty like that.

  4. I cook like that too, it is fun to create new combinations. But when you find something that really works it's nice to be able to remember how you did it and come back to it, and an easy way to share it with other people.



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