Sunday, 1 February 2009


Preparing for Underground restaurant, hence lack of posting. 
Am slightly having kittens. Think I've forgotten how to cook even. 
Need to clean flat, do shopping, move tables and chairs into living room.
In fact, the most important qualification for running your home restaurant is either having enough chairs or, being on good enough terms with your neighbours to borrow them.


  1. Sitting on the floor and eating with hands, why not?

  2. aah you'll be fine.
    not to worry.
    don't panic
    you do have your towel? right.

  3. Marm, you are going to do great! Merc has started moving forward, and, even if you have a hitch or two, they will iron themselves out in a week.

    In fact, the recent eclipse and the recent Ceres activity says this is probably the right moment for such an adventure. This coming weekend will be especially fun since it precedes the Full Moon.

  4. Yea, no worries at all - I'm sure you'll pull off a great night!

    I can't wait for it now :D

  5. This sounds brilliant! Nerves are a good thing no?

  6. Yes I have my towel Corbin. That always cracks me up. :)


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