Monday, 2 February 2009


snow in the morning
In the morning

The snowy view from my living room
The view from my living room

The balcony (at least 5 inches of snow!)
The balcony (at least 5 inches of snow!)

The snowy view from my dining room
The view from my dining room

Report back from my teen.

"went skiing today, and it has put me off for a while, well i'm certainly not going skiing again in the vosges.
 it was -15 at one point and i told them i was too cold so i went to the car early with my correspondant. thank fuck i couldn't even think or feel anything.

last night went to a party the frogs organized for us and it was... well you can insert any word in the dictionary and it would be right.. us English made it otherwise i would have fucked off.

 & don't worry i was drunk (don't get angry, look it's HONESTY) but i didn't even kiss anyone for god's sake let alone have sex (i think you're worried about that). and i was the only one i can assure you.
 it was a mental night. we only got home at 2 though (not too late) but we had to wake up at 8 and i've felt really ill all day.. i think it's a mix of freezing temp, smell of meat in this resto, no sleep, etc.
it's a competition of who can resist the urge to run away the longest here... we all hate it because it's freezing and it's a shit hole.

tomo we are going to Strasbourg from 7 till 8h30!!!! so long day and so boring..
the divide is well funny like Les Anglais are in one corner and the Frogs in the other.
I miss you alot and the really warm weather in ldn.

here you get a moany message too:
their bloody accents!!!!!! so provincial. it drives me crazy.
and im so tired always.
and i hate these french people and their pathetic little village.
i've got another warm jacket given to me so it'll be better tomo.
O omg. I'm so tired all the time.
Family are okay they give me alcohol so it makes up for everything else... don't worry it's just at dinner. It's so cool.
sooooooooo boringgggggggggg. I wish I was in LDN so much: no school, snowing, warm. etc.
Yep the french did come with to strasbourg today but it's not like that made a difference, we never talk to them and they HATE us (especially me )..."

The family give her alcohol every night?
Everybody but her had sex at the party?
Did I read that right?


  1. I read it as them letting her have a small glass with dinner, and everybody else snogging (or it seeming that way). But who knows...

  2. Sounds to me like she's winding you up. She wouldn't do that, would she?

    Look on the bright side, I know someone who's son went on a French National Front rally with his exchange family - the kid reckoned that the family only had him so they could make an englander miserable for a week and ignore him. Mind you it permenantly put the kid off right wing politics.

  3. Rog, that's so funny! a National Front rally! Join Hitler youth for your exchange visit!
    Hmmm, thinking what subversive events I can take her correspondant to...

  4. Oh shit! She's starting to sound just like my own daughter! (She's around the same age. I had to come home from work early on Sunday because she was misbehaving!). It's scarey when they're away, but at least she's keeping in touch with you. My girl sometimes swiches off her phone and wanders off for a few hours to piss me off.

  5. How much warmer is London than the Vosges? When I was a kid the Global Warming-ites told us we'd have a riviera climate by 2009! ML, has your teenager seen the weather reports from England yet?

  6. Trust her with the french, they will look after her as long as she keeps her head clear. I've lived in France since 1989 - love it. Incidentally they probably do have wine every night - national custom :) all you got to worry about is how much she leaves in her glass. Gosh I wish I was young again; keep blogging...I have 4 daughters so know what it is like.

  7. Delphine. I've spent some time in France, not as long asd you and ML, but I do remember how their attitude to alcohol is very different to the British one. They're very laid back about it, in the sense that they drink wine like water. In bars wine costs 2 francs a glass; that's less than 20P! They had no legally-imposed drinking-up time like we do here, but, paradoxically perhaps, I never saw hospitalized drunken bingers like you get in the UK, at least in Rochefort where I spent my days.

  8. Delphine,
    My daughter is actually half French so are all her friends on this trip. At the lycee in London there is this strange division between the Frenchies and the English.
    The more French 'Frenchies' wear straighter clothes, do what their parents tell them while the English 'Frenchies' are more rebellious.
    She's a bit of a snob towards provincial French people on this trip but I guess that's all part of the teenage peer competition thing.
    I do let her have some wine at home sometimes. But not every night.
    Les Voges is really cold in Winter. It's near to Germany and in fact used to be Germany (Alsace-Lorraine). The local dialect includes some German sounding words. I like the area, as British tourists rarely go there. It's very authentic, not touristy.

  9. Never wine just desperados, this mix of beer and tequila it's well nice.
    & WTF you can't post my messages I send you on your blog that is an invasion of privacy! Jesus you nutter.

  10. But no one commenting on your snow pictures.... which are groovy.... oh it gets more like the 1970s again everyday... Feels like I'm a teenager again, so how am I gonna misbehave (I was very good at that back in the day...)

  11. Thanks Monsieur TrippƩ,
    Maybe they haven't commented cos I only uploaded them a day ago.
    My teen back now. We hate each other already.

  12. Oh sounds like you have a normal parent/teenager relationship, if it was any other way something would probably be wrong....

  13. Lovely snow pictures, ML. We've had similar landscape scenarioes in Oxford. I know that MMGW (Man-Made Global Warming) is male cow excrement, but if we go into a cold period it's not too bad. We'll get used to it. And I love snow so I'll be happy.


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