Monday, 9 February 2009

Teenage bedroom

Plus ca change. Except in my day, it was Donny Osmond and David Cassidy (in those divine shaggy boots) torn out of the pages of Fab 208 magazine, which were rapidly ripped down (and hidden) to be replaced by Rod Stewart. Superceded by David Bowie, then Lou Reed. By the time it got to punk, I'd stopped putting posters on my wall, it would have been, in today's parlance, 'gay'.
Years later, as a photographer, I got to photograph David Cassidy. Arriving at the record company, I went to the loo. I saw a small man exiting, with an orange face and an armful, literally an armful, of foundation bottles and tubes. At the photo session I realised this man was David Cassidy.


  1. hey!

    who's the old guy on the left?

  2. wait it's coming to me now....
    begins with a cuh sound ....
    nope nothing
    must have been a long,long, time ago..

  3. I remember Lenny Henry once said as part of a joke: "You can catch acne from just watching David Cassidy". Well in that case he was a very good role-model to all teenagers who suffer from this condition! It didn't slow him down eh!

  4. She is so much cooler than I was at that age (or am now).

  5. Hello from France, ha! you took me back to when my four daughters were teenagers -- you couldn't get into their rooms. For me it was Tommy Steele ( I KNOW!) and good ol' Elvis - he was fit! Delphine

  6. I think I had posters of hamsters and naff Duran Duran posters out of Jackie at that age.


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