Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vacherin night at The Underground Restaurant

Menu: Kir cava, home cured olives

Thai soup with coriander, lemon grass, lime, coconut milk, tiny green pea like aubergines. Garnished with mint, red pepper, spring onions.

Baked mini Vacherin (one between two)

Baby cornichons, silverskin onions, green pickled peppercorns, small firm potatoes (Sofia, Exquisa) Aga-baked with Maldon Salt, thyme and olive oil, served in a large copper pot.

Straight-out-of-the-oven focaccia.
Romain lettuce, red pepper, pine nut salad by Charlie Nelson, retired chef. (He's an ancient 24 years old and an absolute gem).

Tarte tatin with organic creme fraiche.

To finish: Cognac, XO Imperial Courvoisier, courtesy of Around Britain with a paunch rounded off the meal nicely.

Many people were 'lucky' enough to win bottles of wine with their £10 raffle tickets!

24 people expected. 22 turned up. Possibly 2 didn't come because I forgot to give them the address. Gulp. Only realised at 3 in the morning. (So please remind me if I forget).

Had lovely trip to La Fromagerie in Moxon St to pick up the mini Vacherins. Cheeses there I have never seen before, we tried a Spanish blue with a tangy aftertaste, a 'cabecou' goat cheese.

I chose Vacherin for tonight's menu partly because the season for this cheese will soon be finished.

Went to Portobello Road market on Friday morning to buy more chairs... got 5 chairs and a table for £40. My restaurant now has 7 tables!

Much juggling of baking tins between the 3 ovens of my Aga. Moving trays to the top to get browned.

Discovered one fossilised tarte tatin in the oven this morning.


  1. so this is the third week, and already your this popular.
    how much longer till you decide to have a go at full time restaurant?
    in any case it looks like a good time was had by all.
    well....except for the daughter who should be projecting misery at all times in line with her cast and character .

  2. Found you in the Metro this morning, incredible idea - would love to come along some time.

  3. Hi eatersregret,
    Book via email at
    Like your blog!

  4. Thanks JustCookit

    Hope to see you soon at theundergroundrestaurant!


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