Friday, 13 February 2009

Val day

valentine's day at the underground restaurant
 Nobody to spend Valentine's Day with? The Valentine's day mascara.

I'm sticking to similar menu to last week to maintain interior calm but will gradually branch out into my other repertoire.
But have upped the aphrodisiac quotient.
Asparagus- perhaps due to spear shape, but a well known aphrodisiac.
Rocket, pomegranate, garlic and chocolate all have similar qualities.

This week's menu is:

Glass of kir royale

My own marinated olives

Roast cherry tomato and garlic soup with fresh baked herb focaccia

Rocket salad with pomegranate and asparagus spears

Gratin dauphinoise with saumon fumé/vegan and veg options

Mousse au chocolate with cointreau and chocolate dipped cherries

Love hearts.

£15. plus drink.

Then everyone will make love! Especially if I slip some 'e's into the soup.


  1. so... how did it go with the key thingy...

  2. Sounds completely delicious... really looking forward to my next visit to the underground restaurant again
    AHIH xx

  3. Congratulations MsML - an absolute triumph.

    So when's the next one?

  4. It's on every Saturday night.
    Wanna volonteer to waitress Ms C? No money but hard work and fun. Flirting with guests obligatory.

  5. Sounds right up my street! If you have a veggie only night and somebody can lend me a french maid's outfit then I'll do it... as long as I get to munch and drink my way through the evening.

    Not 28th Feb as I'll be in Manchester.

    REALLY glad it's going to be every week, I can bring my dates there - yum!



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