Friday, 13 March 2009

Aga Saga 3

Aga not doing so well...story here in The Guardian. Well they might want to improve their arrogant customer service, starting with the snotty lady at their Knightsbridge branch, moving onto the pushy salesman who promised a selection of free pans/kettle ect which never arrived. 
They came on the wrong day last year to install mine. I had work going on in the kitchen and had to send all the workers home. Installing an Aga is a big deal, not a 5 minute job.
I wrote to the Managing Director to complain. Nothing. 
Aga installers are never given a manual, they have to learn by heart how to put one together. So it's a trade secret.
My Aga is gas powered. Apparently people are turning to wood burning Aga's but that's not really feasible in London. Plus it requires more maintenance and 'feeding' every day.
Shame, an Aga really is the Rolls Royce of cookers, and you will get the best pizza, baked potatoes ect from it.

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