Monday, 23 March 2009

Manifesto for a New Great Britain

1. Stop all production of new cars unless they use alternative energy.Then we will look like Cuba in 20 years time, with lovely old cars everywhere.
2. Pull out of Iraq, Aghanistan and every other theatre of war. Keep our army for peace keeping duties only.
3. Retain the Queen as head of state. But she will be leader of the new Anarchist Britain. (I like to mix the old and the new. Vintage and modern). Once a week the Queen will have a meeting with the people via a lottery system.
4. Make all public transport free immediately. Start collective taxis 'collectivos'.
5. Ban all private and religious schools. Make university free again.
6. If people want to home educate, give them a subsidy, the amount it would cost the state to send them to school (about 4k a child). However they will not be allowed to indoctrinate their kids with extreme religion. Make sure they do a certain amount of sport/art/music.
7. Encourage the repair of old things. Give tax breaks to manufacturers who make products that can be fixed and maintained at a reasonable price. At the moment it is often cheaper to throw away a product and buy a new one.
8. Invest in alternative energy for every home/government/office building. Give subsidies and training for people to build wells in their gardens, keep chickens, grow their own vegetables.
9. Pay one parent in every family to stay home and look after their children. Do not fetishize the world of work. Encourage integration between family life and work life.Do everything possible to boost the status of home workers ( in which I include people who bring up children).
10. Legalise drugs. Just saying no isn't working.
11. Leave the European Union. We are not European. But stay mates with them.
12. Dismantle the freehold/leasehold system. It is medieval.
13. Ask each and every newcomer to Britain, whether they be individuals or businesses, what can they do for the community? What can they contribute to the New Great Britain? Concrete proposals.
14. Ban all farming methods that are cruel to animals. Encourage vegetarianism.
15. Encourage entrepeneurship. At the moment it is the Right that are associated with business. I believe there can be a different model.

In fact I will be adding to this list as I go along. Then I'm going to start a political party and run for government. But I will be rubbish at diplomacy, will always tell the truth. I'm also quite shouty.


  1. Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now!- a certain Vernon Francis Gallagher

    Point 2- as paradoxes go, in order to maintain peace war is unavoidable.

    Point 13- speak English before anything else, period.

  2. Agree with Point 13.
    Point 2, yes war is unvoidable but...some wars are avoidable. Iraq and Aghanistan are unwinnable.

  3. I'd vote for you!

    Not sure how you can define or disallow the teaching of 'extreme religion'. And what is 'indoctrination' other than teaching (I have had people say that my parents indoctrinated me by bringing me up vegetarian).

    Not voting for Fat Les though!

  4. Re the ban on extreme religions. I don't really do banning anything. I'd do quite the opposite. I'd say that they have to go on a program such as question time 4 times a year and be grilled by a panel. If they answer any question by saying "that's a secret we can't tell you unless you join", I'd bury the spokesman in horseshit up to his neck for a day. The problem with religion happens when the powerful leaders do not have proper scrutiny.

    It's like drugs, they are most dangerous when there is no quality control and you don't know what you are buying.

    I'd ban greedy bastards who pocket fat pensions when they've destroyed the companies they worked for.

    I'd ban all inhumane farming practises. A bacon butty is a truly wonderful thing but give the poor old porker a decent life. That way meat would be 5 times more expensive, but much better quality.

    I'm partial to a nice steak but the animal should be treated with respect & dignity. A total ban would result in the wholesale slaughter of every farm animal kept for meat production. Surely not what you want.

  5. I joined the Blah Party for most of the reasons as stated in your list and was going to run as candidate but it was all a bit disorganised. Perhaps I'll try again - or just incite people to riot and stand up for themselves rather than take all this shit foisted upon us. `Enough!

  6. OK Rog, I might vote for you.

    Actaully, a total ban of meat would result in black-market meat with even worse welfare and production standards. Just because you think something is wrong doesn't mean that is the best thing to ban it because it will probably happen anyway and should be legislated for (e.g. abortion).

    What tosh though about slaughter of all the animals. They're all going to be slaughtered anyway, silly! You talk like meat eaters do them a favour by somehow keeping them alive; errr...? The main result would be no more artificial breeding of further creatures for meat, and yes, I do think it would be better for them never to be born into a life of suffering.

    Even with good welfare standards, it'd still be a bloody great waste of resources (land, water, food...) and drain on the environment; a meat based diet requires 7 times more land than a plant based diet. You can look up all the details if you're interested.

    The main point for me is that I don't think I have the right to exploit any other living creature for my own benefit. Farming animals is further along the continuum that slavery is on. An end to speciesism.

    Actually, no, the main point is that meat is disgusting - eurgh, dead flesh. Yuk. Eurgh.

  7. Fat Les, you sayin' I'm shameless?
    Legalise drugs, not because I think everybody should take drugs.I just think you will remove much of the incentive if you legalise it.
    Rockmum: who are the blah party? Any good?
    RogT:deffo make white collar crime more of an offence. Can't understand govt apathy on this issue.

  8. Canal Explorer you have canine teeth and dare I say mine are still there. Canines are for sinking into flesh as per Count Dracula or Rog's finest Sirloin. It simply becomes redundant when a diet of tofu is implemented instead.

    I like agitative peeps.

  9. Well I haven't seen your teeth, but my mouth is predominantly full of molars.

    The 'canine's at the front are not particularly sharp. Ever tried jumping on the back of a cow and biting it?

    You have a long gut, weak stomach acid, chew in a circular motion, have a liver that cannot detoxify vitamin A, and saliva that contains carbohydrate digesting enzymes. See final page of this doc for full table comparing anatomy of carnivore/herbivore/omnivore/human and draw your own conclusions:

    Then of course there is the appendix, evidence that we evolved from herbivores who needed additional digestion for the herbaceous matter, but since we cook so much of our food now that has become unneccessary.

    Just because you like the taste of meat, don't kid yourself that you're designed to eat it. Obesity, heart disease and cancer demonstrate otherwise.

  10. And we drink by sucking rather than lapping.

    Etc. etc. etc. You could do your own research, but you probably won't want to seeing as you 'enjoy' your meat so much.

  11. CE- I'm flummoxed...can I buy you a cup of tea?

  12. 8 1/2 out of 14 I could live with or support, thats not bad for a political party. (but the idea that we're not European is just daft)

  13. ML, I think you would be most effective writing the policy for a more diplomatic front person who sells it without getting 'shouty' (lol, me and you both!)...

  14. Ceebs, I've lived in Europe for several years, speak fluent French and Spanish. We are not European. We do things differently. We are psychologically different, being an island.
    In France they sign up to everything in the European constitution. And do none of it. Chauvinism comes from France remember.
    Britain is placed on a psychogeographical level between the America and Europe.

  15. Hahaha! Why, are you thinking of going veggie?

  16. Well My French and German are ropey, all in all I've probably spent a year in Europe, and think we have more in common with Europe than anywhere else (Apart from a consistent chain of governments that steals every failed half witted idea for social and economic policy from the far side of the Atlantic) If the Island argument makes any sense, then the only cultures we should think the same as are Japan and Taiwan, and I don't think that makes sense either.

    Psychogeography and national cultures? how does that work then?


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