Thursday, 19 March 2009

Notes on the Astrological Food menu...

Dear Neil,

What a great brainstorming time it was tonight, as usual fueled by plenty of red wine and snacks.

Here are the notes/menu for the astrology and food dinner hosted by Aquarian MsMarmitelover and Libran Neil Spencer.

The chart for the evening…7.30pm 28th March, London, has Libra rising 20˚. Conviviality, beauty, balance, social networking, romantic environment.

Neptune in Aquarius: (try to find tridents or fish) Cava with some sort of Aquarian ingredient/cordial

Saturn in Virgo: Roasted Seed mix with soy.

Mars/Uranus in Pisces: Thai Spinach soup

Pluto in Capricorn: Beluga lentils and goats cheese. (to be cooked by you)

Sun in Aries/Moon in Taurus: Gratin Dauphinoise with double cream

Mercury in Aries: Rocket salad with pine nuts
Pepperonata salad with balsamic moon dressing

Jupiter in Aquarius: Empty foam...the audacity of hope. 'fill it up with your own optimism'

Moon moves through the evening towards its dignity in Taurus in 7th: chocolate dessert by Petra chocstar served from her chocmobile.

Neil: to do beautiful Libran menus and Venusian music.
Write up speech with jokes, going around zodiac, in part from your Astrology and Food series from the Observer Food Monthly.
I think we both agree that aubergine is Scorpionic, being dark purple and part of the deadly nightshade family. 
The Underground Restaurant is definitely a signifier for transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing Cancer, the sign of food, home and mother. Pluto meaning underground/underworld/trangression of the usual rules/subverting the status quo.
Pluto was in Cancer in the 1950s when McDonalds started. Fast food became the norm. Mum stopped cooking because she was out at work. 



  1. Wow! Sounds very interesting. My Mum would *love* this! Her partner is an astrologer. Unfortunately, they live in Ireland.


  2. Oh really? He would like this then for deffo. Should be a great night!

  3. What a brilliant idea! The menu sounded fab - wish I could have been there!


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