Monday, 2 March 2009

Notes on future menus

Future menus: 7th March...Indian food. Will include brinjal bhaji (aubergine/tomato curry), sag aloo, mattar paneer, raitha, bread, pilau rice.
March 14th: Middle Eastern food. Meze including baba ganoush, hummus, pitta bread, falafel...all freshly cooked.
March 21st: a Spring menu for Easter.
March 28th: this Aquarian cook is very excited about this. Full blog post coming soon. Food and drink to represent the 12 signs, a menu formulated in conjunction with Observer astrologer Neil Spencer. Many top astrologers coming. Civvies book soon if you want a seat!

Inspired by Jonathan Brown of Aroundbritainwithapaunch and his mother Kathy Brown's book on edible flowers I will do a Chelsea week on the 23rd May. 

Lost property this week: a grey pashmina type scarf.

I have a large garden, a fire bath (which you fill with water and light a fire underneath) and a summer house built out of recycled materials which contains a bed and a wood burner. It will be lovely once the weather gets better to move outside, get the bonfire going!


  1. Helloooooooo - that's my pashmina scarf I think.... how best to arrange collection, I wonder? Actually if I do pop round we'll have to drop off a tip - we realised after we'd left that we didn't leave anything. What with their not being a bill to deal with at the end of the evening, it was too easy to forget!

    Thanks very much for a most enjoyable evening too... really did have a fab time. Cx

  2. Oh yes! Saturday afternoon would be food. I'm definitely in.
    Tips are important for the teen goth that would be welcome.
    Glad you enjoyed it, come again.

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  4. Indian sounds great. Looking forward to it on Saturday!


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