Wednesday, 11 March 2009


One of the pleasures also of coming to a home restaurant is that not all the crockery, cutlery and glasses will match. It is not standard catering fare. I've been collecting kitchenalia from France and elsewhere for many years. It's one of my many fetishes!

charity shop finds at the Underground Restaurant

Today I popped into Scope and several other charity shops nearby to replenish my stock of glasses. I got a few cute things, a little pink milk jug for £1.50p, four large soup bowls for £2, three attractive glasses for £1.70p, a silver tea strainer for £1.50p.

mugs and plates at the Underground Restaurantplates at the Underground Restaurantblue dresser in the pantry at the Underground Restaurant
I found this dresser on the street in Paris. Love the colour.

I made this shelf myself.


  1. I love your home, it's so beautiful. Once there it's easy to forget how close to central London one is, with the 'country hideaway' atmosphere.

  2. ah thanks Ms CE.
    What's happening with the G20 protest, I'm out of the loop. Need to bang a drum.
    Can't do Saturdays though

  3. I will update you offline, Space Hijackers have some plans for April 1st.



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