Thursday, 26 March 2009

Rachel Allen

She's blonde and beautiful. Just for that she's annoying. The blurb on the book jacket talks about her "patrician features" and her slender form as opposed to Nigella's buxomness. What is this? A beauty contest?
Do we talk about Heston's chunky baldness in contrast with Marco Pierre White's hirsute sex appeal? No.
The pictures are nice. The recipes fairly ordinary but do-able. The average home cook would not be frightened. Rachel Allen is big in Ireland.
So...I was all prepared to hate her. Then an Irish friend walked in, saw the book laying on my kitchen counter and said "now she's the real deal". He too was prepared to be irritated by her model good looks but Allen's Irish TV series convinced him that she was genuine.

'Food for Living' introduces Rachel Allen to a British market. No molecular gastronomy here but the kind of food you wish your mother would make. Not too fussy, the sort of dishes a working mum would still have the energy to whip up after a day at work.


  1. Hmm, must admit Rachel normally makes me want to throw heavy things at the tv when she's on.

    Look, isn't that a switch at the back of her head?


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