Monday, 23 March 2009

Underground Cooking Class time change

We have had much interest in the classes but everybody had the same complaint, we want to come but we are at work! So Roberto and I have changed the time to Tuesday evenings 7pm. 
We will replace next week's knife skills and vegetable class (which will be rescheduled at another time) with the chocolate class, in time for Easter!

Roberto was on a two year waiting list to study chocolate at the Seminar with Albert Adria of El Bulli at Chocovic chocolate school in Barcelona. 
About the Underground Cooking Class Roberto says:
"The chocolate class is good for beginners but I also incorporate advanced level knowledge that people can use for the rest of their lives.. it is information that you are only taught in advanced chocolate schools...
I find this information very important for anyone using chocolate for any application..."

More about Roberto and where he has studied:
*Chocolate course at Paris' Bellouet Conseil Ecole De Patisserie
*Pastry course at Ecole Gastronomique De Escoffier, Ritz Hotel Paris
*Le Cordon Bleu
*Ecole Lenotre, France
*Ecole des Soleil, L'Amandier restaurant, Mougins France
*Regional cuisine in Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico


  1. Oh, I want to learn about the chocolate so much, but unfortunately can't do Tuesday evenings (and am a bit skint anyway). Wow, such a great opportunity though!


  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I am highly intrigued! Been thinking about leaving the city for ages and following my dream to work with food and I love the idea of Underground Restaurants. I'm going to read more and hopefully come along sometime - it sounds great. Love your blog too xxx

  3. Welcome to my blog Curious Cat. Hope to see you soon at the UR!


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