Friday, 24 April 2009

Alcoholic Architecture

Sam Bompas
Sam Bompas welcoming people in...

Getting changed into a white paper suit...

cocktail bar at Bompas and Parr
The cocktail bar...

About to enter...

mistifier machine
The mistifier machine...Bompas got advice from the Eden project technical manager for this

What everybody is wearing in Spring '09...shades of Guantanamo ?

Inspired by Anthony Gormley's installation Blind Light, this unusual art/food project in Ganton St, just off Carnaby St, requires special clothing, a paper boiler suit given free on entry.
We soon saw, er felt, why...on leaving, everything, clothes, camera, hair, phone, is covered with a light sticky substance! 
Hendricks Gin and Tonic cocktails are served at the entry cocktail bar. You then descend into a misty room, a pea-souper fog, where you cannot see further than half a yard. Your tongue tastes of citric acid, your nose starts to run, people are giggling, swaying...

"Do you feel drunk?" I ask one woman.

"Yeah, but that's because I've been drinking" she slurs, drink in hand.
A film crew is trying to film in there. Impossible really. It's a dream-like experience. Shuffling around, all of us in identical white suits, a little disorientated, your breath sticky and short, this reminds me of something... a surreal image springs to mind, unbidden, of the gas chambers...with a party atmosphere.


  1. Sounds like a cross between a scene from a Tarkovsky film mixed with a bit of Woody Allen. I think it's the white suits and dreamy bit that made me think of that.

  2. That looks like so much fun! I am living vicariously through you...

    Fun blog you've got going.

  3. Ah thanks SCW. Nice to see you over here...
    Check out my other blogs too...The English can cook is more about my Underground Restaurant. Travels with my teenager is about the non-food parts of my life.
    Love your feedback when you have time

  4. Actually I spent 3 months in Chile...

  5. I'll certainly check them out, doing so right now...

    Oh my homeland, what were you doing in Chile?

  6. I was there when Pinochet was democratically unelected.The atmosphere was still pretty heavy, teargas in the streets etc.
    I was just travelling. Went from Arica down to the tip then over to Patagonia onto la tierra del fuego.
    Great trip.
    Fantastic mussels grilled with parmesan in Chile. Visited a few vineyards too.
    Plucked mussels out of the antartic waters with my freezing bare hands, cooked em up in the national park, with white wine, garlic, parsley.
    Good times...

  7. Ah that Pinochet...good thing I was only around for his later years...

    Chilean seafood, what a dream! I grew up 2 blocks away from the beach and ate seafood a couple of times a day. I now live in Salt Lake City where seafood comes in a can...bleh!


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