Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Walkers crisps

I love crisps. Here is the link to a previous post on this important subject. Walkers came up with a competition 'Do us a flavour, pick a winner'inviting people to think up new flavour combinations for crisps. This led to much discussion amongst the people I used to do the sweet stall with...'blue cheese and broccoli!' 'brie and cranberry' 'were some of the suggestions. 
There were six winners: my teen and I have put them through their paces...
Builders Breakfast

Me: tastes like HP sauce
My teen: it's a bit like ham
Crispy duck and Hoisin
Me: tastes like sesame oil, soy sauce, hint of ginger, oyster sauce, maybe bit of star anise, quite like it.
My teen: it tastes like Chinese food, which I don't like.
Cajun squirrel:
Me: don't know what a squirrel tastes like, but apparently no squirrels were harmed in the making of this product. Cumin, Oregano strongest tastes to emerge here
My teen: very herby (this is not a good thing in her book)
Fish & Chips:
Me: a slightly fishier version of Salt & vinegar
My teen's favourite: not as tart as Salt & vinegar so I prefer it.
Onion Bhaji:
Me: My favourite. I would get this in a pub with half a lager. It gives you that same buzz as a curry and lager.
My teen: amazingly accurate taste. Except I don't like onion bhajis.
Chilli & Chocolate:
Yet to be obtained.


  1. Great review, except chilli & chocolate sounds the most exciting and you didn't get that one!

    Hang on, I think my colleague offered me one the other day. Weird, sort of smokey flavour. More chilli than chocolate. Bitter rather than sweet.

    Let us know when you find it!


  2. I adore crisps too, my favourite brand is Jonathan Crisp which I'm struggling to get hold of these days. I'm still yet to try any of these Walkers flavours yet, thanks for your review, I think, like your teen, i'd like the fish and chips flavour best.

  3. Hi Boo,
    Welcome to my blog (s?)
    I've seen Jonathan Crisp around but mostly in countryside petrol stations it seems.

  4. I am a crisp fiend, but I prefer my flavours simple; ready salted hula hoops. The chilli chocolate ones are pretty horrible.

    Teen: you don't like Chinese food? nooooooo!

  5. Yes none of these crisps have meat in!


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