Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Lunch out with Lydia

Lydia on stage

The audience looked cool too. I was standing in the front with all the loner fanboy geeks.

Lydia enjoying my candied orange slices.

Catered the 'rider' for a group last night. Had no idea who... therefore delighted to find out on arrival that it was the "gothmother" Lydia Lunch. This legendary writer/musician now lives in Barcelona but will be doing a residency at the Corsica Studios this summer.
We were talking about women who like to eat and who have curves.
"Never trust a thin cook" I say
"Never trust a thin woman" she ripostes.
As security passed by, Lydia said "Are you here to protect the audience from me?"
On stage Lydia faces down the audience. My favourite song was "Your love don't pay my rent"
The lyrics sounded something like "You take my drugs, you eat my food, but your love don't pay my rent". I couldn't stop laughing. Sounds like every relationship I ever had.
Lydia Lunch cracks deadpan jokes backstage and on stage. It's a rare privilege to see a woman who is not afraid to be confrontational.
Another food loving girl group was supporting: An experiment on a bird in the airpump. Three sexy strong girls, one of whom whacks the drums (just a pared down kit of 3 drums) reminding of seeing Palmolive of The Slits at The Vortex. See them. Must take my teen, who is a drummer.

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  1. Sounds brilliant, glad they were appreciative of your food skills.



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