Sunday, 12 April 2009

The night before Easter 4/4/09

Easter tartlets for Sunday
The home-made marzipan balls for the chocolate simnel cake. Jam an orange into a glass to prepare the balls.

I also found myself making the mini easter eggs at 7.15pm just as guests were arriving. It was hard to find a mould...I got the last one from Lakeland plastics.
You dip the sticks into white chocolate, then trickle dark chocolate over the balls 
Chocolate simnel cake from this recipe, note marzipan proportions are all wrong. Triple amount of ground almonds otherwise it is too sloppy or you can't mould/knead it.
The menu was as below, but with the addition of large soft pretzels to go with the welcome drink. Boiling them in a solution of bicarbonate of soda and using warm milk rather than water certainly gave a more authentic taste.

Thai fish cakes and cucumber dipping sauce waiting to be plated up.
Risotto with stilton, gorgonzola and butternut squash, cooked by Marghe Burns.
Boiling hen's eggs and quails egg's for the mache salad. Got to have eggs at Easter/Eostre...

Probably the most successful and enjoyable Underground Restaurant so far. A small amount of people, only 11, as it is a holiday weekend, but after a slightly awkward start, I put everybody on a big table together, it was a laugh. Things were livened up by the presence of my friend Ben Emlyn-Jones who came with his girlfriend Susan. At some point in the evening, it was discovered that Susan is a belly dancer.

"Has anyone got a scarf?" she asked as she stripped down to her bra.

Someone found some Arabian music on their ipod, Susan made her entrance, shimmying into the living room from the hallway. Ben entertained us with talk of fairies or 'winged humanoids' and assassinations at UFO conferences
After dessert, the whole kitchen team sat at the table with the guests. My teen introduced them to her favourite cocktail 'Malibu and milk'. Then we all had a glass...even the boys!

Left:Ben and Susan Right:Marghe Burns stirring the risotto.
Recipes to come, if I can be arsed.


  1. Thanks to Msmarmite for letting me help on the eater menu night. I learn something new each time, this time how to boil pretzels!

    She is a very fearless cook, making mini eggs at 7.15, 15 minutes before the guests arrive!

    I also appreciate the can do approach and really, msmarmite orchestrates the kitchen very well, all is smooth and calm. And everything was ready bang on time and cooked to perfection. A unique experience including the impromtu belly dancing!

  2. Thank you Helen, you were a great Front of house. I'm sorry that every time you come I get you to work with flour. You may be allergic to wheat but you can knead like a champ!
    Hope to see you again soon...x

  3. Malibu AND belly dancing ? So much better than our easter dinner.

    Will have to try this some time but I'm not up for being the belly dancer.

    p.s simnel cake looks fab

  4. Hi ML. What a lovely evening that was. The food was delicious, so was the wine, and there was a wonderful party atmosphere at your underground restaurant. Wasn't Sue's bellydance routine exquisite! I had a good conversation about UFO's too, from some people who were new to the subject. Can't wait to call again. Thanks for everything!


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