Friday, 10 April 2009

Projected Easter menu for this Saturday 11th April

Kir Royale
My marinated olives
Thai fish cakes with a sweet and sour coriander and cucumber dipping sauce
Focaccia from the Aga
Stilton and butternut squash risotto aided by Marghe
Mache (lambs leaf) salad with quails eggs and mustard dressing
Chocolate simnel cake
Baby Easter eggs

May do some more pretzels if I get time...
Happy Easter everyone!


  1. What a glorious menu! I hope it goes really well, and that you get a change to enjoy a thoroughly relaxing Easter Sunday tomorrow.

    Have fun without me! (she says, jealously...)

  2. Thanks to Msmarmite for letting me help on the eater menu night. I learn something new each time, this time how to boil pretzels! Who knew!

    She is a very fearless cook, making mini eggs at 7.15, 15 minutes before the guests arrive!

    I also appreciate the can do approach and really, msmarmite orchestrates the kitchen very well, all is smooth and calm. And everything was ready bang on time and cooked to perfection. A unique experience including the impromtu belly dancing!


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