Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Scarlett gardens

Scarlett Canon
When I was a trendy young photographer in the 80s there was a face you'd see on the cover of all the hip magazines (ID, The Face), who ran nightclubs, worked with artist Andrew Logan of the Alternative Miss World show and was generally a fashion icon.
I took a famous portrait of Scarlett Canon one day in the studio (above).
Recently, looking for people with local allotments who could provide The Underground Restaurant with fresh organic vegetables, I was recommended this blog:
Imagine my surprise when I realised that this reiki practitioner and gardener was Scarlett! Plus she lives in Kilburn!
She has an allotment in Hampstead (how cool is that?) and has a consultancy for those who want to grow vegetables in their garden. For £100 she will come, walk around your garden, measure, tell you what you can grow and when, and give you a written and drawn plan. Scarlett incorporates companion planting and permaculture into her gardening. Then, if you wish, she can oversee the work with her team.
We've just spent the day in the overgrown Underground garden. She has pointed me in the direction of Franchi seeds with their gorgeous seed packaging, we've made a list of what I can grow this year and what we must plan for the next. We just need some muscle now.
I took another portrait of her; she looks as fabulous as ever...

long silver blonde grey hair, Scarlett Canon


  1.'re revealing too much Marms! She does look fine that young Scarlett.

  2. I was only a teenager !
    Actually I heard a guy talking about his 'cave' the other day, how the wines were really old and it's time to start opening them.
    "How old?" I asked
    "Oh some of the wines are from the 80s" he replied.
    Another old age thing, today my teen asked if she could email record shops to find out if they had records. "Is that ok? "she asked
    "I expect so" I replied "but email didn't exist when I was buying vinyl so I don't know for sure".
    Cue cackling "Oh MY GOD you sound like grandma"

  3. With a bit of whitish lies it's possible, a guy I knew a couple of years back wrote to all the record companies under the sun citing he needed vinyl LPs from their back catalogues for archiving! He did quite well from that!

  4. What are franchi seeds? You are a lady of multi-talents I didn't realise you did photography too - how cool! I would like to be better at photography myself - I'm a little snap happy but I've never really studied it - so many dreams, so little time!

  5. Yes I know CC loads of stuff I want to do too...
    Still we have a long life ahead of us and all in good time..
    Franchi seeds are the hip seed company du jour. Never knew there was such a thing?
    Well apparently seed manufacturers are reporting record sales during this 'recession'

  6. Wow - I remember Scarlett from that photo and she hasn't changed a bit. I lived in Kilburn 1984-92 - worked at the Billboard Cafe as a student - not there anymore. Good days.

  7. Oh my! How kind of rockmother to say that I haven't changed a bit in almost thirty years!!

    Franchi seeds are my favourites, Curious Cat. They are an Italian family-run seed company. The packaging is glamorous and gorgeous, you get a good amount of seed for your money and the germination rate is extremely good. You can buy them online cheaper than you can find them in the garden centres too.

    Happy 80s days Ms M!


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