Thursday, 14 May 2009

BBC television centre canteen

bbc Salad

The drained looking salmon and boiled vegetable medley. Tres anglais (from the 1950s).

Apple sponge and Bird Eye custard
Apple sponge and Bird Eye custard.

Given a meal voucher for the canteen while auditioning for BBC's The Restaurant, I decided to put the kitchen through it's paces by ordering starters, main, salad and dessert. 

The starter: tomato soup. It had little taste. 
Then a simple salad. Out of a bag with some cucumber, tomato and red pepper. Can't go too wrong with that.
Main course was salmon on a bed of vegetables. The vegetables, a medley of cauliflower, carrots, peas were over-boiled and the salmon unseasoned. 
My sister ordered chips. They were oven fries, thick and powdery. 
Dessert consisted of apple sponge with custard. This was entirely a time-travel back to school dinners. I seem to remember you got something like this on Thursdays. (Friday was my favourite when there was apple crumble and custard). We used to get a generic stodgy pudding and Bird's custard. Liked the custard.


  1. oooh i really want some custard now.

  2. Hehe, cheeky. Doesn't look like it was up to much for the vegans. I'd expect more from the Big British Castle.

  3. Simon the vegan here!

    Got to remember this is mainly grub for the worker bees (the bee bee cees!) our roasted pepper and rice was very fit for purpose... best work canteen i've seen!

  4. Hi Simon the vegan,
    So did you get through to the final selection?

  5. I think you mean Bird's custard, Birds Eye is the fish finger make ;)


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