Thursday, 7 May 2009

Brown bottom

In 1999, just as the solar eclipse was about to hit Britain, the first eclipse visible in this country for years, Gordon Brown, two years into being Chancellor of the Exchequer of the New Labour administration, decided to flog Britain's gold reserves. The announcement was made on 7/5/99. 
Nobody in the treasury could understand it. World leaders advised him not to do it. Still he pressed on.
This Times article, written in 2007, describes the efforts the journalist has made to have the details of this decision made public, with no result.
Brown sold the gold at public auctions, driving down the price of gold. Perhaps he wanted to buy euros. Some rumours say that he was bailing out friends at Goldman Sachs.
Astrologer Maggie Hyde, talking at The Company of Astrologers, puts up Gordon Brown's chart on the overhead projector. We also look at the chart of the Bank of England. 
Gordon Brown, I think it is now evident, is not leadership material. His chart backs this up. Nor, it emerges more and more plainly, was he Chancellor of the Exchequer material. His chart has no Earth in it. Earth is the element that rules material, earthly goods, such as money. Brown has most of his planets, a stellium, in the 12th house, the house of confinement, hospitals, prisons, spirituality and self-undoing. Brown's view of himself as a leader comes from his Moon in Leo. I am the king! His many years in waiting must have been very hurtful. His failure to cope with the leadership position must be even more so. Be careful of what you wish for...
Tony Blair actually would have made a better chancellor being a Taurus, the sign most associated with money. Coincidentally most of the major stock markets in the world were set up while the Sun was in Taurus.

The Bank of England chart is interesting. There are contacts between it, Gordon Brown's chart and the 1066 UK chart.
In one sense it's an ideal chart. Fit for purpose. On the other hand this institution is based on fiction and fantasy. It's worth remembering that usury is a sin in the bible and remains so in Islam.
Transits coming up to hit sensitive points in the Bank of England chart will bust this illusion wide open. Times they are a changin'


  1. Hey, you know astrology was used for psychological warfare purposes during World War II, and this reminds me of that. There is a great book abou this by Ellic Howe "Urania’s Children: the strange world of the astrologers" or in the shortened version I have "Astrology and psychological warfare during World War II". That said, I like his slightly more general book about psych-ops "The Black Game: British Subversive Operations Against the Germans During the Second World War" even better! But all interesting shirt. I view your post as being along these lines. Doing damage to Brown. But let's have some doing down all those around him and to his right too! Curious post for sure.

  2. I know what you mean. I did feel a little worried about joining in with the mass scape-goating of Brown that seems to be the current thing..
    But he has made so many mistakes.
    Looking at the transits and the bank of England chart made me gasp. The charts are so bad it's unbelievable. Things have to change.

  3. I remember that money-lending was the only thing that ever made Jesus violent! But that was because it was being done in the Jerusalem Temple. Would he not have minded if it was anywhere else?

    The world's financial situation is getting crazier every day. Gas and electricity bills are going up, food is more expensive. Anybody got any gold to bail US out?


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