Thursday, 21 May 2009

Crystallising flowers and making a flower ice bowl

Preparing for my Indian Spring Flower dinner this Saturday with Hardeep Singh Koli.

Ironing my tablecloths, sprayed with rosewater.

Pick your flowers.

Scatter your flowers in the larger bowl, weighing them down with icecubes. Try to keep the flowers separate from each other.Then put some kind of weight in, otherwise the inner bowl will float when you add water.

My tip. Fill the bowl 3/4 full with mineral water next to your freezer, otherwise you might spill it!

Here they are frozen... put the bowls into hot water, turning it upside down and carefully separate them by lifting off the outer bowl, then the inner bowl.

Beautiful isn't it?

To crystallise flowers, get rid of bugs by plunging your flowers into salted cold water.

Cut off the white heel of the petal, as it is bitter. Brush the petals back and front with egg white.

Dip the petals in caster sugar

Here are the petals which you can leave to dry on greaseproof paper.

You can also crystallise a whole flower. These are David Austin roses from my garden. They really are the best and wonderfully scented.

All of these flower ideas are from Kathy Brown's book 'Edible Flowers'.


  1. I love the idea of doing this with flowers. It looks stunning.

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

    Good tip on the bugs...

  3. I take it that is jonathans mum? How beautiful! I wish I were coming on sat for hardeeps food too.

  4. That bowl is fabl. How long before it melted ?

  5. Oh that flower ice bowl - Absolutely Beautiful!

  6. Love the ice bowl! Giving some some ideas for my sister's baby shower, thanks!

  7. The ice bowl is stunning, and such a good idea! I need to get back down to London one weekend and eat your food, it all looks so yummy!

  8. OMG that's stunning. I'm a huge fan of edible flowers - they're just so hard to get a hold of if you haven't got a garden and you're not keen on pesticide-flavoured roses...


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