Sunday, 24 May 2009

Food Packaging I like

Adore this 'Six Photo' snuff tin box with pictures of a Sikh man. It is of course made in the Punjab.

Fish Tea and Cock Flavour soup. In Brixton market.

Bolst's curry powder. Made in Bangalore. Does what it says on the tin style packaging. Bold primary colour, large graphics. Suggests dependability and big flavours? 
Indian Head white corn meal. I like the dusty colours, the slightly recycled look paper. Like something you'd buy in a general store. American.

Alaska condensed milk is made by a Philipino company. The boy doesn't look very Philipino.

Foska Oats. This was in the Jamaican section. The cheery blonde boy and the primary colours are very 50s. Both the boy and the name sound Scandinavian. Again why blondes to advertise in a non-blonde nation?

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