Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Marmite Menu

Marmite Menu 

(some dishes inspired by Gary Rhodes recipes)

 Bloody Marmitey cocktail

Marmite cashews

Marmite on linseed toast  topped with fried seaweed

 Thyme flower mushrooms with Marmite creme fraiche

Marmite, mustard and cheese encrusted smoked haddock

Mixed leaf Salad with Marmite vinaigrette

Coffee Icecream with marmite chocolate sauce

Marmite truffles by Paul. A. Young

Coffee or ...hot Marmite drink

This menu is subject to change depending on inspiration and availability of ingredients

Giant silver topped Marmite jar at Jewellers Theo Fennell 

Australian versions....


  1. Hands down, the best menu I have ever seen :) The Marmite Bloody Mary is particularly inspired.

  2. Oh my word!!! What a fantastic idea - though with you it was waiting to happen!!! :) xxx

  3. It must be my mother's Welsh origins coming out in me but I really want the Marmite on linseed toast topped with fried seaweed - I love lava bread too, the Welsh seaweed delicacy!

  4. Wow! Amazing menu, especially like the seaweed idea.


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  6. promite is evil.

    marmite bloody mary should be called a 'bloody marymite'

  7. Ohhhh..I'm coming for dinner tomorrow night and although I'm slightly nervous about the marmite in the ice-cream, I'm very curious to see what you've done!

  8. You aren't the only one Michelle to be nervous. I'll whip up a pot of pasta if it's all vile.

  9. Must murmur misapprehensions my mate Michelle mentioned, mutually mimsy mentalising major Marmite megadosage.

    Good job we're not slugs, the salt intake would slay us! I'm doubling my blood pressure medication tomorrow just in case ...



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