Monday, 18 May 2009

Projected menu for May 23rd

Indian Spring Flower Menu
Indian Spring Flower Menu

Cava with rocket flowers
Home made bombay mix

Flower tempura


Comedian, writer and Celebrity Masterchef finalist Hardeep Singh Koli will cook for tonight:
Smoked aubergine and pea curry
Basmati rice with saffron (which after all comes from the crocus)

Rosewater kulfi decorated with crystallised roses and edible gold (if it arrives)

Coffee or fresh mint tea or rosebud tea

Will fill the living room with posies and spray tablecloths with lavender and rose water.

This is subject to change depending on flowers obtained and inspiration.


  1. This is really tempting...I guess I have to.

  2. This sounds ace. I know your concept and everything, but what's the form? If my partner and I wanted to eat at your restaurant cum front room (which would be SO exciting)...what do we do? Is it invite-only? I read your menus with so much interest...

  3. Oh my how I wish I could be there!!!!

  4. Hi Postjazz
    You can book at the link at the top right hand corner of the page.
    Thanks everybody for your encouragement and feedback.

  5. Sounds amazing - a menu after my own heart!

  6. Ace - thank you. I'll see when we might make it!


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