Friday, 15 May 2009

The Underground restaurant movement

If you have a supperclub, pop up or home restaurant and would like it reviewed by me please contact me at
I am also writing a book on the movement if you would like to be included.


  1. Well, you know you're welcome to come visit us in Berlin when you get the chance!

  2. If in paris, you should try Hidden Kitchen, run by a couple of acquaintances of mine. Pricey but very very good.

  3. I want to! But they haven't replied to tweets or my email!
    But I have heard they are very good.
    Hoping to get to Paris soon...

  4. We are new in the movement and have our first supper on this sunday 23rd!! so you welcome to have a look on our blog... Love your initiative!

  5. We are new to the movement and have our first event/supper this sunday 23rd May!!! You are welcome to review our blog and come visit us in NZ... Love your initiative!


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