Tuesday, 30 June 2009

3rd July Menu

Menu for 3rd of July:

Kir Royale


Courgette flowers stuffed with cheese

Spaghetti Vongole al cartoccio, one of my favourite dishes from the last few months(veggie option too)
Home-made Garlic focaccia

Passionfruit Pavlova with salted caramel (thanks Arno of Saltoun Supperclub)


Everything subject to change however...


  1. Looks excellent! Where are you getting the courgette flowers from, are they out of the garden?


  2. sadly didn't get it together on the vegetable front yet. Getting them from Portobello. Are you coming to help?

  3. This sounds like a great menu. Are you going to fry the zucchini flowers or serve them raw stuffed with cheese? I've had them both ways in Italy.

  4. Sounds amazing, particularly love the courgette flowers. Whenever I'm in Italy and see these on the menu I order them. World Service had them stuffed with rice on the menu last week, I've always preferred the cheese route.

    And as for the pavlova: heaven on a plate even before the salt caramel gets there!

  5. ooh courgette flowers with cheese sound yum!

  6. PS Next September -if I am ever free and you need a pair of volunteering hands, would love to help! xxx

  7. mmmm I had spaghetti vongole in Italy this week at an organic slow food type restaurant and it was the best meal I ate there. Zucchini flowers are in the markets there but I didn't see them on any menus sadly! Oh well, heading back to Italy today, fingers crossed for more good food. We were in Venice, most of the food was touristy, we got sick of seeing the same menu everywhere. Will be in the Cinque Terre for the next few days, expecting more of the same but with added pesto Genovese...


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