Monday, 29 June 2009

Summer and Gin tasting event

I'm taking a little break this summer to write the book, visit other restaurants. I may even do a pop up restaurant in St. Tropez! So my last dinner until September 11th is this Friday 3rd of July, barring special events. Unless I miss it all too much!
I will be back in September with The Underground Restaurant hopefully with batteries recharged and plenty of ideas. Following on from the collaborations I have been doing, I am also interested in giving other chefs an opportunity to cook, either a course or a dinner or host events at The Underground Restaurant so please contact me at
On the 26th of August I'm hosting a gin tasting event with the girls from @tastingsessions. They do alcoholic tastings with a difference, each time in a different venue. This will be the first tasting event in a home restaurant.
We will be exploring gin through the ages...from Hogarth's 'Gin Lane' via Her Majesty the Queen Mother ( whose favourite tipple was gin and Dubonnet with lots of ice) and perhaps to Sipsmith, the first copper distillery to launch in London for 190 years.
There will be dressing up boxes in each room, canapés, talks from experts, and plenty of gin. Feel free to come dressed up as Nell Gwynne!
Details of where to book will be published soon...


  1. Hi, I would like to attend this Friday's dinner. Can you please confirm the menu?

  2. Hi Nikita,
    To be honest I haven't decided yet! But I think I will do something with courgette flowers...maybe stuffed with cheese.
    I'm waiting for inspiration for the rest...
    What do you like? Maybe you can inspire me?

    You can book at

  3. Oh no! Will have to wait until September then... :( Good luck with the book though! All sounds very very exciting!

  4. Oh no indeed! But perhaps better that I avoid turning up 'glowing' in the summer heat a.k.a. totally red in the face and hair plastered to head following tube journey.
    Really looking forward to your resto
    return and the book!

    PS Courgette flowers deep fried in light batter with onion seeds/kalonji/nigella=v.good.

  5. Gin tasting sounds amazing. I'm definitely interested! Hope the book goes well


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