Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Underground Restaurant at Covent Garden Market

Vanilla meringues decorated with silver balls

Making the candied peel

Different colours

The stall

MsMarmitelover is giving a talk at The Hub, part of the London Restaurant Festival, at Covent Garden Market this evening at to start your own Underground Restaurant.
I'm also doing a stall selling salsa asado, guacamole, meringues (mocha, rosewater and vanilla), home made candied peel (orange, lime, lemon), large and mini focaccia (goat cheese, olive, anchovy) and soups (French onion with cheese, Thai coconut and spinach).
The teen will be there too.
Hope to see y'all
Note: am very tired, been up all night...


  1. What a nice idea! Good luck for tonight

  2. Saw this just a bit too late! That goats cheese focaccia looks divine! Would have loved to have heard your talk - my my you really are go-go-go these days aren't you? I'm sorry to hear you are tired though-did you have an exciting night or was it a night where you did all the prep? Poor you, sounds like you need a good sleep tomorrow -if possible? xxx

  3. Oh PAH! I also saw this too late (just now in fact) and am sorry not to have come along. Next time - I'm sure there will be one.

  4. Ah wow - you make your own candied peels?
    That always looked like too much work!

  5. Dolores Rouges-Pott11 October 2009 at 02:42

    very good! Im an argentinian's fan of the underground restaurant, and want to do the same here in the place I live. Congragulations, I should love to be there!

  6. Hope the talk was a success? And I love the look of those silver ball-decorated meringues!


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