Monday, 9 November 2009

The Supperclub fan group

I'm very excited by how many new supperclubs are emerging in the group I created...the Supperclub fan group. We now have 358 members in just a month and there are now more than 40 supperclubs around the country.
New ones to watch include the Joginder supperclub in Tufnell park, cooking by a real Indian amma, Dine at my house in the Scottish Borders (they said 'We aren't doing fried Mars Bars", I replied "Why not? I'd travel for that!"), a fish n chip monthly supper in East London (they get up early to buy the fish, details soon) and from places as far away as Austria and Spain.
I've visited a couple in recent weeks and reviews will be up soon.
Log onto the group if you are starting one or want to know the whereabouts and menus of your local supperclub...
I'm trying to visit as many as possible, budget permitting, to include in my book...


  1. This is really cool. I love how all these people are coming out of the woodwork. A brilliant idea to start the group - well done.

  2. ooo will certainly have a look! Not long before we visit yours now! How exiciting!!! xxx


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