Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Only take a licensed black cab or mini's not worth the risk to get in the cab of some random bloke cruising outside a club or bar...really...


  1. this has always been a problem - in 1987 a friend got into what she thought was a licensed car outside The Limelight - she was alone as she lived some distance from the rest of us, and wouldn't come back to stay as she wanted to go home to her BF. She dozed off after a couple of minutes and awoke sometime later to find the driver with his hand up her skirt and his teeth in her bottom lip. Remarkably she got away and banged on someone's door - the kindly stranger not only let her in, called the police and her boyfriend to explain what had happened but also managed to act really quickly and got a part-number plate. Sadly the culprit was never found - uninsured car. It was a salient lesson to all of us, and I have never taken a car without calling / checking / being in a group ever since. Please be safe.

  2. Thanks for that Green Drawers.
    As a teenager I even had some problems with black cab drivers...fortunately nothing too serious but definitely inappropriate behaviour...but they are still a much safer bet, and worth spending more money on, than unlicensed cab drivers.
    Black taxi drivers will lose their license and livelyhood if they play up...they have more to lose...

  3. In Oxford there's a taxi company called Paradise Cabs which has all women drivers and is soley for female passengers. It's not a bad idea, so long as it doesn't feed the notion that male drivers are somehow all "like that" or that it's natural for men to behave like that. It's not.

    I'm beginning to wonder if nights out on the town are really worth it. Once you've got past the lager louts, kept an eye on your glass to make sure nobody's put anything in it, stepped over the vomit puddles on the toilet floor and pretended not to hear while some moron hurls abuse at you, you wake up with a sore head and an empty wallet and wonder what the hell you did it all for.

  4. Ms ML, you wrote: "Black taxi drivers will lose their license and livelyhood if they play up...they have more to lose..."

    There is another reason many black cab drivers will not play up: it is that to them the idea of sexually assaulting a passenger in their taxi is immoral and unthinkable.


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