Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Day lunch menu

Cremant from Ten Green Bottles (better than cheap champagne)
Canapes with smoked salmon from Forman & Field
Focaccia bread shots from the Aga

Spaghetti vongole (a nod to my Italian roots and our family tradition of doing a mixed Italian/British christmas meal)
For veggies: spaghetti without the vongole, with olive oil, garlic, white wine and parsley
Salad of mozzarella and tomatoes

Saumon en croute
Veggies: Garlicky wild mushrooms
Roast Vegetables: potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, onions, garlic (all from Riverford Organics)
Honeyed carrots
Might do Brussel sprouts with chestnuts

Cheese board from Neals Yard
Oat cakes

Christmas pudding with cream and brandy
Home made mini mince pies
Pavlova with passion fruit, salted caramel
Home made Candied fruit

Fruit, nuts, chocolates

I will match these with wines.
But one of the best christmas dinners I ever had was staying with an Algerian family when I lived in France. The mother made her own harissa and steamed couscous the proper way. It was delicious.
According to I am the only place open for that day in their roster of events! I'm looking forward to my dining room once more becoming a living room, I'm moving a sofa back in, and as it will be quite intimate, we will eat at a large table. The telly will be on throughout the meal (that's traditional isn't it?). People should wear loose clothing or elasticated waist bands so you can slump in front of the roaring fire...
Lets hope it snows...


  1. The vongole alone is beyond enticing, you gotta have the sprouts though.

  2. Well I hope to see you Les, make that walk...

  3. I've got to tell you - I read your blog here in Michigan, in the States, and I love it. That picture, though, that beautiful picture of all those tables set up and the photographs on the walls and all that beautiful light streaming in. . .well, I just wish I could attend. Your menus are always incredible and so well thought out. But you have to answer a question for me - what the heck is the "telly being on" mean -do you really watch the television during a meal or is that a joke?? Must be.

  4. nom nom! sounds delicious, wish I could be there but am lapping up the sherry and tapas here in the Canaries :-)

    Good luck and have a lovely Christmas (make sure to save room for pudding..)

  5. Hello TID: thanks for reading my blog all the way from the states...
    Um the telly is a bit of a joke. But it's odd, when I started gradually, week by week, I moved more and more of my living room furniture out into my bedroom. By week 4 the tv was in my bedroom, about 4 inches from my bed. It's quite difficult to watch it like that.
    Now all my living room furniture is in my bedroom and it looks like a thrift store! It'll be a treat to move the sofas back in for a bit...
    But...there are families that always have dinner with the tv lieu of conversation!
    Also for us British it is traditional to watch the Queen's message to us on Christmas day...and a Beatles film on Boxing day morning!

  6. The menu sounds fantastic I am sure it will be a big success

  7. this is a beautiful menu. Ms. M. Vongole, garlicky mushrooms? utter heaven. ooh, and homemade mince pies. wishing you a lovely christmas and new year's. thanks for passing through my blog today, as a new blogger it is most appreciated. so i thank you, most kindly, once again. look forward to "seeing" you in the new year. clink clink.
    x shayma
    ps on your christmas day lunch- let it snow let it snow let it snow.

  8. Thanks Shayma...and your blog is gorgeous. It was recommended to me by chef Gary Robinson....x

  9. Have a wonderful Christmas, Mrs. Marmite. The photo of your dining/living room is beautiful.

  10. spag vol for christmas?:) yum,

    Good luck with it all.

    I know I've been shit what with working 85 hour weeks and everything but id still like to make it down during my two weeks of in the new year. Maybe I could just come down and help you out i the kitchen seeing as it is so near the time ?

  11. Neil would love you to come and help, maybe you could cook a course?
    Let me know when you have your holiday...x

  12. Hi there. Things look awesomely delicious here. I think you must be a fantastic cook. Wow. Very impressive. I am now your loyal follower. If you ever have a spare minute, come visit my blog at I would be honored to have you visit/comment or best of all follow. Happy New Year. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)


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