Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Burns Night part 3: whisky, cheese and address to a haggis

Cranachan: oatmeal, raspberry coulis, whisky, double cream

Tatty scones...

Tattoo and kilt

Toasting oatmeal/making raspberry coulis

Soaking the prunes in leek stock...

Guest in a kilt, his family tartan

Cockaleekie soup with prunes...

Calum Walker reciting 'Address to a haggis' by heart

Stabbing the haggis during the address...

Nips of haggis and neeps (which I cooked with tons of butter and cream)

Whisky tasting

Alex, a whisky ambassador...

Single Malt Whiskies: Singleton of Dufftown (delicate, citrussy and rich), Talisker (chocolatey and smoky), Glenkinchie (grassy and delicate), Dalwhinnie (light and peaty). You can download a copy and find out more about these delicious whiskies here. Alex, the whisky ambassador explained that the first taste of whisky is often a shock, but as you continue to sip, you get the full flavour. Smoky whiskies get flavour from the peat that is used to dry the barley, whereas as 'delicate' whiskies contain unpeated barley. These whiskies matched the cheeses in an interesting way.

Cheese board of Scottish cheeses...a cheddar from the Isle of Mull; Strathdon blue cheese, Seator's Orkney and Cromarty by Rory Stone in Tain (my favourite) with sourdough and of course, oatcakes!

Irn Bru batter for Mars Bars... that wonderful day glo orange, so full of vitamins!

One guy said to me "I'm Scottish and this is the first time I've had a deep fried Mars Bar! Thank you!"


  1. awww...looks yum! How did you make the haggis- what did you use for the casing? Interesting facts about whisky there too! xxx

  2. PS Love the idea of irn-bru batter! How wicked! xxx

  3. Irn Bru battered Mars Bar!!!

    A true classic in the making. A few years ago I found myself in Glasgow delivering some equipment for my fathers business. On the way back I stopped for a wee nibble on some fish and chips... and it was then I had my first deep fried battered mars bar! What a winner!!!

    Couldn't bring myself to try the battered pizza though!

  4. What a brilliant evening. I have lived in Scotland for over 10 years and have not had a deep fried mars bar. I just can't bring myself to do it. I've had Irn bru ice-cream but Irn Bru batter, mmmm not sure, but I am willing to try.

    I've just celebrated a South Asian style Burns supper night with vegetarian haggis pakora. Please do come by Enjoy some of my home-made delights.

    Oh I also wanted to say, I was so pleased to see you on 'Market Kitchen' last night. However, I was appauled after inviting you to the show to contribute on 'Super clubs' that the hosts did not consider your diet, cooking meat that you could not taste or pass opinion on. Shame, such a long way to go.

  5. Hi Mango cheeks, yeah bit weird eh?
    I hope I looked allright. It was such a short segment. I did talk about wine too...
    It's so hard to express yourself when you have so little time. I found myself feeling frustrated cos I had something to say about everything and had to stop myself interrupting!

  6. I amso finger crosssing for you to hold another of those next year... Amazing!

  7. Oooh, I love a bit of Cromarty. Have had deep fried Mars Bar a couple of times, but have yet to eat a whole one. One bite is enough, on the second you can feel your arteries furring up...


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