Monday, 4 January 2010

New events and The Underground Farmers & Craft Market

New events coming up at The Underground Restaurant: all events are available on

8th January: Elvis night on His Birthday (70th) this Friday. Still working on the menu but it will include deep fried peanut butter sandwiches and corn bread. SOLD OUT
22nd January: In the Realm of the Senses... a menu and eating experience based on the senses or lack of them...a blindfold course, a course of smells, of sound, a course you eat with your hands...SOLD OUT
25th January: Burns Night: a Scottish menu of whisky, smoked salmon from Scotland, Cockaleeky soup, vegetarian haggis, bashed neeps, Cranachie, oat cakes, Scottish cheese and fried Mars Bars. Calum Walker will be in his kilt, reading Burns...SOLD OUT
31st January: The first Underground Breakfast, starting at 2pm, with home made Aga cooked pancakes, smoked salmon and home made blinis, Aga porridge, fruit, yoghurt, Marmite on Toast, Tea, Coffee, Bucks Fizz and the Sunday papers...roaring fire and vinyl. 8 tickets STILL AVAILABLE
6th February: A meal based on the literary work of Patrick O'Brian. I love this man's work; the author of 'Master and Commander', he's written 20 volumes on the sea faring adventures of Jack Aubrey and his surgeon, Stephen Maturin during the time of Nelson and 'Boney'. Food features strongly in the books, with old English recipes such as Spotted Dick and Stargazy pie. Come dressed pirate, 18th century, Napoleon, Emma Hamilton or navy style. SOLD OUT
27th February: Midnight feast. Another first for The Underground Restaurant. Still haven't decided on the menu but it won't feature kebabs. Great for after the theatre, starting at 11.30 pm. STILL AVAILABLE
28th March: The Underground Farmers and Craft market at The Underground Restaurant.
I welcome other supperclub hosts who'd like to sell their goods or give cooking demonstrations. I also would love people who make food, drink, or kitchenware, who grow things, who sew, who bake, pickle, ferment, to sell, demonstrate and explain what they are doing. I particularly would like to encourage Londoners who forage wild food, make honey or cheese or smoke fish, whittle or weave, who have vintage (shabby chic style) kitchenalia to come and sell.
This will be a fusion of Etsy/Borough market type goods but I'm hoping also to attract people who would be doing this for the first time. You don't have to have alot to sell! Vendors can be given tables or spots all over the house and garden. Starting at 2pm going on till 7pm. No fee for vendors/demonstrators, £5 entrance fee for others. Free parking at weekends. There will be refreshments and snacks for sale. Vendors please email me at to chat about your participation. Attendees can book at

Looking for a piano tuner, some gardening help, volunteers for prepping and front of house, pro chefs/cooks who want to cook a course, and recipe testers, who have normal ovens, for my forthcoming book.


  1. What a busy year ahead you're going to have. I love the idea of the Farmers/Craft market,giving people a chance to promote themselves. Good Luck with it all.

  2. Agree that the Etsy / Borough mash-up sounds interesting.

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  4. Forth-coming book, eh? Sounds very exciting. I have a normal oven so would be happy to test recipes if you like.

  5. Sounds like a great idea. I'm not sure if my cupcakes are good enough to sell (check them out on my blog) but I'd love to be involved. I also have a fairly horrid fan oven and would be happy to be a veggie recipe tester for you.

  6. Lots of fantastic things going on here and the sad thing is I'm not sure I'll be able to make any due to timings! I particularly like the sound of the last one so we'll see- especially as it is during the day so it may be okay. March is a bit of a write-out for me as I am down in sommerset learning to cook on an intensive course... A shame the senses night is sold out...would have been up my street though it also clashes with my mum's 60th so maybe just as well...still, maybe there will be something for me come April? And if you ever need help please ask as I'd love to and it would be fitting with my new years resolution too! xxx

  7. PS Looks like 2010 is going to be very colourful for you! xxx

  8. The evenings sound fab. Trying to persuade my sister that a night out as 18th century pirates is just what we both need.

    I have a normal oven and I test a lot of recipes for work, so could help you with your book? Sounds like 2010 is going to be an exciting year for you.

  9. For midnight feasts, didn't they always have "sardines pressed into gingerbread" at Malory Towers? I've always wanted to try it but never dared!!

  10. Thanks for your offers of recipe testing everybody...

    Midnight feast food: yes should probably have a read of those classic boarding school books...but pressed sardines into gingerbread sounds weird doesn't it?

  11. I'd love to test recipes if you still need people. I've tested a few for Sainsbury's magazine before and used to work in a cookery school. I've recently been made redundant from my 'proper job' so have time to devote to my passions - food and writing!

  12. I'll join in on the recipe testing if you still need people - slightly too hot fan oven and a ceramic hob.

    If I was in London I'd be totally up for bringing some baked goods to the farmer's market, and the breakfast sounds delicious! Hopefully will be down south sometime soon - can't wait to come back.

  13. I would love to be a recipe tester! I have not yet been to the underground restaurant but live near by and will definitely be coming for an evening soon. How do I get involved with recipe testing for this event?


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