Friday, 19 February 2010

The Black Album

This is my first menu based on the colour of a food. It seemed appropriate that this Saturday's midnight feast should be comprised of black food which, it is claimed by Japanese scientists, is very good for you.
Everybody will be coming in nightwear, the evening will start at 11.30pm and go on till we drop...

Projected Menu for the Midnight Feast

Black Russian

Black olive tapenade and black cod's roe on black bread
Black sesame salmon balls with black vinegar
Seaweed handrolls stuffed with black rice and aubergine with ponzu dipping sauce

Beluga lentils

Squid ink ravioli stuffed with goats cheese with a trompette de mort mushroom and cream sauce
with black Himalayan salt and Black pepper

Blackcurrant coulis/liquorice icecream

Expresso with dark chocolates

All of this is of course subject to being able to get hold of the ingredients, the hostesses whims, what dishes work in the practice run ect ect


  1. What a fun idea - I've cooked black spaghetti once which caused a bit of a sensation but a whole meal is something else.

  2. Great imaginative menu. I love liquorice and like the idea of liquorice Ice cream.

  3. Love the sound of the theme and the menu. My only worry would be the black salt in the main course. It has quite a distinct, sulphide character that could be off-putting to uninitiated.

    What's the soundtrack for the evening? AC/DC - Back in Black, Black Flag or Black Lace?

    Look forward to hearing about how it all turns out.

  4. This sounds stunning, and suits our morbid February skies, too. Please post pics for those of us not lucky enough to be there in person!

  5. Thanks...I adore liquorice....
    Vinosity: the salt I'm using is not the usual black sulphurous salt that you put on fruit in India (which I adore) it's fairly innocuous so it won't be a problem. Just looks fab!
    Great idea about the soundtrack...getting my teen onto lace LOL
    Laura: will do ....

  6. Choclette: I cooked it once too. This time I'm making it with squid ink (which is actually cuttlefish ink). Gives a subtle fishy taste doesn't it?

  7. I really like the sound of this...need to book with you again soon I think! xxx

  8. I've heard about black potatoes recently too! I'm sure you could find them at Borough or something.

  9. I want to come saturday night, but you seem to be fully booked, has there been any cancellations?


  10. I want to come saturday night, but you seem to be fully booked, has there been any cancellations?


  11. what a gorgeous menu, very creative, although I do struggle to stay up past 3am these days...

  12. Tell me about it Rej, that was a hard post up tomorrow....

  13. mmmm i love i love i love! fantastic menu, Ms. M. squid ink, swoon. beluga lentils, swoon. blackcurrant and liquorice anything= big, fat swoon. i LOVE this idea. soz, have gone a bit overboard, have had a rough day! x s


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