Monday, 22 March 2010

Pirate muesli at the Underground brunch

Dead good Muesli

Tea from Brighton supperclub Purple Sprouting eating
Coffe from Douwe Egberts

Bread from St. Johns

A vintage French apron

This girl wore an Andrew Logan broach.

Never made kedgeree before. Actually, I've never even eaten it. So I was cooking 'blind'. But it rocked. Probably because I ground and roasted my own Indian marsala spice mix and wasn't tight on the smoked haddock.

The spice mix, shallots and rice cooking for the kedgeree, smelled beautiful...

Never made muesli before. And making it from scratch made me realise-gosh- how mean commercial muesli makers are. You chew dutifully through mounds of dry tasteless sawdust, sometimes gratefully stumbling upon the odd nut or dried fruit, an oasis in the desert, thinking, at least I'm getting very healthy. Even some of the trendy muesli or 'granola' as the Americans call it, isn't very good. My 'dead good' pirate muesli didn't have a boring bite in it. So easy to make it yourself, literally half an hour from start to finish. Please do try this at home.

Never made Danish pastry before. My Danish braid, apple and cinnamon, looked amazing but I was unsure if it was cooked sufficiently in the middle so slightly overcooked it. Could be improved.

Apple cinnamon Danish
Aga yoghurt was made with double cream and home made compote de poires went very quickly. I also grilled St John's sourdough bread on the Aga and made little goats cheese filo triangles à la bougatsa.

A young lady hired the summerhouse as a private room to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday. They were so cosy in there, we felt we had to knock before entering. Once I made them jump as they were cuddled up on the bed next to the wood burner. When everybody else left, they were still in there. I started to think about supplementary rates after midnight. My dad, who sometimes tended the fire, suggested providing bowls of free condoms. Boundaries, dad, boundaries.

For the lovebirds....

Sunday afternoon playlist on the sonos


  1. This all looks sooo good.

    Is yoghurt easy to do? I LOVE yoghurt and would definitely have a go.

    "boundaries dad, boundaries"

  2. The food looks and sounds wonderful...especially the kedgeree... and interesting about the muesli! The lovers sound funny...bit of an awkward one to have to deal with...maybe you just need to ring a little bell and leave the food outside! Only kidding! :) xxx

  3. You've really sold me on home made muesli/granola as I'm really bored with breakfast right now after a winter of porridge. I'm mesmerised by that apple danish (it's 750am and I'm hungry).

  4. The muesli was certainly a success, I had 3 bowls :) Do you plan on selling it? I'd love to buy some more!

  5. Stunning! Is that sunlight there?

    I quite like making granola too. It's when you look at the quanity of oats (and sugar) cereal companies use in relation to the other ingredients you realise how they make so much money. Good job not everyone cares about such things.....

    Maybe the thing with the danish is to cover it with foil to stop it browning while it cooks in the middle?


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