Saturday, 6 March 2010

'Research' for film and food night

The Godfather

Goodfellas: the prison dinner

The breakfast scene in Goodfellas (played by Scorcese's mum).

"He don't eat no meat' from My Big Fat Greek Wedding


When Harry met Sally directed by Nora Ephron. From her first book 'Heartburn' where the lead character, is a cookbook writer, to her latest film 'Julie/Julia' about Julia Child, Ephron is probably the biggest foodie in film. She also wrote a brilliantly sulphurous essay on Food Critics in a collection of her early writings 'Wallflower at the Orgy'.
Her recreation of Julia Child's omelette flipping scene is here:

Classic dialogue in the 'Royale with Cheese' scene from Pulp Fiction

Spaghetti scene from Lady and The Tramp.

A Night at the Opera, Marx Brothers

More menacingly Jimmy Cagney's grapefruit scene in Public Enemy. This scene was regarded as shocking in 1931.

The beer on the roof scene from Shawshank Redemption. Mmm, you can just feel how good that cold beer is...

Great styling here in the 'I want candy scene' scene from Marie Antoinette

There are lots more....more scenes in my next post...

My projected menu is:

Pinot Noir wine from the film Sideways

Popcorn...a movie classic

Bruschetta from Julie/Julia

Chillis en Nogada (walnut sauce) from Like Water for Chocolate

Il timpano from Big Night

Kugelhopf from Babette's Feast

Nipples of Venus truffles from Chocolat.

As always, things can change, ideas come up, the hostess doesn't feel like doing that dish anymore...


  1. I love the scene in Goodfellas when they go home to Joe Pesci's mum for pasta - love that film. This took some time - great work, and now I want pasta with ragu made with steak and Barolo at Little Italy!

  2. Thanks Krista, it's did take hours...but I managed to justify it as 'research' gulp.
    Also it's so hard to copy links from youtube, half the time it doesn't work.
    I love that scene too....I will add it.

  3. I have often discussed with friends that bit in the Goodfellas prison scene, where he chops up garlic really finely with a razor blade - good knife skills!

    Tom (Ghoul of London)

  4. This is great! The Goodfellas and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are 3 of the best. I love the food scene from Moonstruck; it's full of food scenes such as Loretta telling Johnny what to eat before flying to Sicily to see his dying mother. Chocolat with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche is a huge favorite of mine. Ang Lee's Eat, Drink, Man, Woman and Babette's Feast and on and on. I'll stop now.
    You have great selections!!! I really loved this post and appreciate you doing it. Thank you!

  5. Yes I was thinking about Moonstruck. Will post up clips of the films I am cooking from in my next post but like water for chocolate is not on youtube I think.
    Love the quotes on your blog Pam

  6. oh i just adore your list! eat drink man woman and big night are my two favourite food-related movies in the whole world. my friend just reminded me of The Cook, the thief, his wife and her lover, but i doubt you will be serving 'human' at your feast!
    this is going to be an epic meal. EPIC. x shayma

  7. That lady and the tramp scene takes me back. I remember watching it with my mum. The spaghetti scene was always my favourite scene. I've always been greedy and I could never think of anything else after that point in the film. Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti.

  8. Such a great place to look for inspiration! My family used to watch Night of the Opera a lot when we were kids - my parents always joked about the hard boiled eggs and duck egg - they still sometimes throw the duck egg bit in when we're in restaurants ordering much to the bafflement of waitresses...

  9. Shayma: I love Peter Greenaway but i prefer the Draughtsmans Contract not as dark....

  10. Food and Films - two of my favorite things. You've compiled quite a wonderful list here. I'm going to have a closer look at the work Ephron's done.

  11. Brilliant. This has to be my favourite menu of yours so far. As I've said before, am absolutely gagging to see your rendition of the timpano/timballo. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

  12. I love love love this idea!
    I'm having friends over to watch Julie/Julia on Thursday night and am determined to cook everything from Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
    Can't wait to hear the final menu - good luck!

  13. I've got my copy of Julie/julia on order I hope it will arrive in time for Friday!

  14. Can I add that I also love Moonstruck- it's one of my favourite films for many reasons.
    I don't think this will provide much inspiration for your night but there's also a great 'foodie' scene in The Gold Rush (I think) of Charlie Chaplin eating a shoe.


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