Monday, 29 March 2010

The Underground Farmers & Craft market in pictures

Cocktails in the bedroom on the ironing board

Rachel McCormack, evil door pixie, being filmed by BBC Moneywatch crew. She even tried to make my neighbours pay to get in the house! Her: it's a fiver to get in. Neighbour: But I live here! Her: Oh allright then.

Crowded bedroom (pic: Gavin Rodgers)

Little Miss Delicious and her jewellery

Cupcakes on the bed...Afternoon Tea at 410

Margaret Rodgers paintings in the bedroom (pic: Alissia Durbridge)

Crumbelina's cakes on the mantlepiece

Suki & me's sweet stuff

The Laundry

Belgian Waffling, a picture in black and white

and her witty Tourette's biscuits...

Supperclub hostess White Room supperclub...fantastic cheesecake

The crowded demo's in the kitchen: Porridge Lady (pic:Gavin Rodgers)

Porridge lady in the kitchen (pic: Gavin Rodgers)

A porridge love-in, everybody tasting, the bowl being passed around.

Mama Lan's glowing wok

Supperclub hostesses Mama Lan and Baby Lan

Mama Lan getting to grips with the Aga. She gave a demonstration of freshly made chinese dumplings which everybody shared. I did a foccaccia demo, but don't have pix of myself doing if anybody has some...

Making fresh halloumi

@handyface prepping the was delicious, will write more on this. He made it over the course of the day, then we tasted.

Astrologer and writer Neil Spencer talking about the links between astrology and food, holding a copy of Culpepper. There were alot of Librans in the room, who, when they go to a restaurant, are more concerned about how it looks, the table settings, the plating than the food. He ran through the charts of some of the top chefs: Gordon Ramsay, a fiery Scorpio; Jamie Oliver: an adaptable Gemini, with great communication skills.

My own underground muesli for sale

Supperclub hostesses Carla & Lesley of The Secret Gardens, very popular empanadas in the pantry

Balcony: It's alive! Carolyn and Laura, ex Pogo, home made sauerkraut and kimchi. Fermented food is very good for you.

Supperclub hostess Lexeats with her specially made 50s fabric napkins (pic: Alissia Durbridge)

Crowds (pic: Alissia Durbridge)

A good review (pic: Alissia Durbridge)

Samphire farm shop ("pig in a box lady") came down from Norfolk to sell their pies...and had to leave early to get back for 'lambing'.

House of Chutney. Met these former supperclub hostesses at a Euroburners event (the European branch of Burning Man attendees)

James of Dose coffee. Don't say 'expresso' to him, he'll snap. It's 'espresso'.

Terence McSweeney showing how to make a basketry fish

Supperclub The Shed in the shed. Wouldn't want her out of her comfort zone, would we? Cocktails out of a teapot.

The Shed's mum, those dolls are toilet roll holders! She made my teen have one!

Marcia Vidal's jewellery in the shed

Isis imaginings in the shed, demonstrating how to make cards...

Little girl wearing Little Miss Delicious' doughnut hair clip

The obligatory burnt Aga offering, something I left in after my demo

Bar in the bathtub

A nice little present was left by my bedside at the end. I ate the cupcakes in bed!

200 people and 38 stalls. People came from Leeds, Norfolk, Warsaw, Wales. The sun shone. I learnt to put up a gazebo. There was a bonfire. The demonstrations went brilliantly, people crowding around to taste, to learn, to listen. I did my first live cooking demo. Stallholders made friends. We met people from twitter in real life. Lots of food was scoffed. My brother got really drunk. A BBC crew spent hours filming. Giddy with triumph, I ended up talking complete bollocks about my plans to take over the planet..."me for prime minister" I think I said, propped up by the Aga. I think it will be screened in July.

More pictures to come...(but many of mine didn't come out...too darn rushed off my feet)

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  1. Brilliant, wish I could have been there. Who's the cute mixologist? ;)

  2. Everything looked so amazing!

    Would you mind if I post a few of these pics on my facebook page (

    Obviously I'll credit you in each of them :) x

  3. Yeah everybody was asking that ...
    lmd: and copyright msmarmite

  4. Looks like a brilliant success, I was kicking myself when I realised I was away on this weekend as I definitely would have come over. Can't wait to see it on tv. When's the next one?!

  5. Did you happen to get any of me at my stall? No worries if not... Ta

  6. This was well worth my trip down from Leeds. I met some lovely people, ate some delicious food,took home some delicious food.I enjoyed the demonstrations and made some new friends. A truly enjoyable day.

  7. Looks like a fantastic day. When will it be on TV?

  8. Kavey: the one I took of you is one of the ones that didn't come out, must have pressed a button wrongly when running about....

  9. It sounds like it was an absolute hit! So sorry to have missed it! I broke my foot recently so housebound somewhat! Sorely upset that I missed out! Hope you all did well from it! xxx

  10. congratu-effin-lations! this is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. it looked like a gorgeous day- what a success. x shayma

  11. It was a brilliant day - Thoroughly enjoyed the seeing the goods we spent so long preparing appreciated, meeting new people, discussing food stuffs, etc. etc.

    And WHAT an organiser!

    Once again, Ms Marmite Lover leaves us amazed with one of her events :)

  12. Wow. It looks like it was a Fantastic day. Very innovative. I love the whole idea, the atmosphere must have been wonderful.

  13. PS You should have delegated and got someone to play Photographer. nevertheless I'm impressed.

  14. Loved it! What a great day for all of us. I think I had the best spot in the house with constant sunshine for most of the afternoon.

    Thanks for being brilliant.

  15. Congrats - this looks absolutely incredible. Can't wait to see on TV!

  16. but they are not your pictures for you to take credit for, surely little miss delicious should be crediting Gavin, at least for the pictures.

  17. Always a nasty one isn't there? I took the picture of little miss delicious...

  18. All looks fab- well done you! And also when's it going to be on the telly then??

  19. I was there and it was FAB! I really hope you do it again sometime

  20. What a fantastic idea! But I need to ask you - weren't you worried about stuff being nicked from your home?

    Ali X

  21. Looks like everyone had a brilliant day!

    Did the stallholders make money? There's so many barriers stopping people doing stuff like this, so it's good to see a bit of community spirit taking over rather than rules and regulations.

  22. Alison: I think I'm immune to the whole concept of strangers being in my home. It's become a live museum, a site specific theatre. No I don't worry about it. I don't count the dvd's after the guests have gone. There's nothing to nick really. Unless you are a bit horrible and actually, you know what, most people are nice.
    Jenny: exactly...from stickittotheman productions...

  23. Congratulations - looks like a fabulous time was had by everyone, what fun. I look forward to hearing more about the Haloumi.

  24. Fab day to be part of. I've written about it on my blog

  25. I just came over from "a fork full of spaghetti" this looks so amazing - and it must have been such hard work... but I am inspired to do something in my own locality all the same!

  26. Brilliant day, Kerstin - such fun, and great to meet so many people. Thank you!

    More pics up on my blog:

  27. wow it looks like it was a bad miss for me. Will be looking out for next one to sell my crafties.


  28. I have also blogged the day ( which was a fantastic experience....and so will my teen (when she emerges from her bed!)xx

  29. thanks for a peek into your world - lovely to see so many crafty people joining up

  30. p.s love the fabric bunting - been eyeing some up myself recently.

  31. This is absolutely amazing. What a brilliant thing you all did. I wish I had been there. Bloody well done.

  32. Revolutionary! Keep on keepin' on an' on an' on!


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