Monday, 12 April 2010

Spring dinner in pictures

Asparagus mimosa

It's called mimosa as the sieved egg looks like the yellow and white mimosa flowers...

Gorgeous cheeses from Neals Yard including my favourite Childerwicksbury. Poilane bread is not as good as St John's sour dough!

Candied Thyme

Dried laundry and glasses

Laundry drying over the aga

Even washing up can look beautiful. One guest said "Your kitchen looks like a drawing"


Kir Royale

Focaccia shots filled with caperberries, olives, sunblush tomatoes

Asparagus mimosa garnished with viola flowers with garlic butter

Squid ink risotto with wild garlic and parmesan

Salad of pea shoots, mache and rocket with dijon mustard dressing

British and Italian cheeses with poilane bread, chutney from The House of Chutney, almonds and oatcakes

Bergamot, lime and amalfi lemon posset with candied Thyme

Plating up area


  1. We had a great evening - thanks Ms Marmite Lover. I like that you included my friends comment that your kitchen looked like a drawing!

  2. Love your photos and wish I had an aga! Your kitchen looks great!

  3. I saw Gourmet Chick's post about her evening. It looked wonderful! Where did you get those lovely pink shoes?!

  4. Beautiful photos and intriguing menu...ah...every entry is a reminder for me to come again soon! Might be a while with me leaving London this weekend but I shall visit of these days...I promise! xxx

  5. Thanks everybody...
    Foodycat: I got them from Office...
    CC: x

  6. You have a beautiful kitchen! And mimosa looks like a bunch of flowers and should easily be used as a decor!

  7. That shaved egg is wonderful! So pretty. And I love your glass rack!


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